Who is a Certified Business Analyst?

Business Analyst is responsible for identifying the business needs of his or her clients and stakeholders to help determine solutions to business problems and is responsible for requirements development and requirements management. The Business Analyst is a key facilitator within an organization, acting as a bridge between the client, stakeholders and the solution team.

VarSigma recognizes an individual’s expertise in business analysis, and using these tools and techniques to improve the overall success of projects. This requires a combination of business analysis training, experience working on projects, and examination on business analysis principles, practices, tools, and techniques.

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VarSigma is approved as a training provider by Exemplar Global (previously RABQSA), a member of the ASQ family.Global recognition for our Lean Six Sigma Certification


Course Overview

Training Duration
  • Participants will attend 36 hours of facilitator led
    classroom training
Training Package
  • Business Analyst Book of Knowledge
  • Analysis data files, sample case studies and
    practice projects
  • Preparatory module
  • Analysis data files and templates
  • Completed case studies
  • VarSigma Certified Business Analyst Exam Fee
  • Refreshment and lunch on training days

For comprehensive workshop and certification
information, Please email us at

  • Dr. Shantanu Kumar is an accomplished author,
    educator and visionary. He has been a
    prominent business strategy consultant for
    Fortune 500 organisations.
  • He has trained over 10000 professionals in US, UK,
    Singapore, Malaysia, India, Saudi Arabia
  • Please connect with him—
Certification Exam
  • Each certification candidate is required to pass a
    written examination that consists of multiple choice
    questions measuring comprehension of the Body of
    Knowledge. The VarSigma Business Analyst
    certification examination is a 2-hour,
    80 multiple-choice question examination.
    It is only offered in English.

Course Content

  • What is the Business Analysis
    Body of Knowledge?
  • What’s Business Analysis?
  • Key Concepts and Tasks
  • Know edge Areas
  • Other Sources of Business
    Analysis information
Business Analysis planning
  • Plan Business Analysis Approach
  • Conduct Stakeholder Analysis
  • Plan Business Analysis Activities
    & communication
  • Plan Requirements
    Management Process
  • Manage Business Analysis
Requirements Management
& Communication
  • Manage Solution Scope &
  • Manage Requirements
  • Maintain Requirements for Re-use
  • Prepare Requirements Package
  • Communicate Requirements
Enterprise Analysis
  • Define Business Need
  • Assess Capability Gaps
  • Determine Solution Approach
  • Define Solution Scope
  • Define Business Case
Requirements Analysis
  • Prioritize Requirements
  • Organize Requirements
  • Specify and Model Requirements
  • Define Assumptions &
  • Verify Requirements
  • Validate Requirements
Solution Assessment &
  • Assess Proposed Solution
  • Allocate Requirements
  • Assess Organizational Readiness
  • Define Transition Requirements
  • Validate Solution
  • Evaluate Solution Performance
  • Acceptance & Evaluation Criteria
  • Benchmarking
  • Mind Mapping
  • Ideation techniques
  • Business Rules Analysis
  • Process Modeling
  • Data Flow Diagrams
  • Data Modeling
  • Decision Analysis
  • Document Analysis
  • Estimation
  • Functional Decomposition
  • Interface Analysis
  • Lessons Learned Process
  • Metrics & Key Performance
  • Non-functional Requirements
  • Organization Modeling
  • Quality function deployment
  • Prototyping
  • Risk Analysis
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • SWOT Analysis
  • User Stories
  • Vendor Assessment
  • NPV, IRR, and ROI computation



  • Why VarSigma?

    This workshop will be facilitated by Dr. Shantanu Kumar. We don’t use services of freelance consultants as it affects the quality and consistency of the training workshop. We believe in conducting few however effective workshops with lasting impact. Dr. Shantanu Kumar has trained over 10000 participants on Lean Six Sigma, Innovation, Risk Management and Data Analytics.

  • Who should attend this workshop?
    • Operation Managers
    • Quality Managers
    • Engineers
    • Senior Management
    • Consultant
    • Project and Program Managers
  • What’s included in the training fee?
    36 hours classroom training, Hard copy of Business Analysis Book of Knowledge, Preparatory module, Analysis data files and templates, VarSigma Business Analyst Exam Fee, Refreshment and lunch on training days.
  • What is Business Analysis?
    Business analysis is the discipline of identifying business needs and determining solutions to business problems and working with stakeholders to define an organization’s requirements in order to shape the output of projects and ensure they deliver the expected business benefit.
  • How does being CBA benefit as an individual?
    CBA are experts who identify the business needs of an organization in order to determine the best solutions. CBA’s possess essential skills involved to work with stakeholders to define requirements in order to deliver the desired business outcome. Certification develops competence in the principles and practices of business analysis and helps achieve recognition of professional competence by professional peers and management. This certification can improve overall performance, remove uncertainty and widen market opportunities. The certification demonstrates knowledge of the skills necessary to be an effective senior member of the business analysis community.
  • How does an organization benefit from having a CBA?
    CBA’s perform business analysis on projects and programs allowing organizations to implement desired changes and achieve strategic objectives. VarSigma’s CBA program provides organizations with a measurement by which they can evaluate individuals who perform Business Analysis and manage requirements for projects. CBA individual demonstrates to customers, competitors, suppliers, staff and investors that you use industry-standard business analysis practices and to your stakeholders that your business is run effectively. Organisations can expect reliable, higher quality results produced with increased efficiency and consistency by BA professionals who use industry standard BA techniques.
  • What will be included in the certification kit?

    The certificate kit includes
    1. Certificate of Successful Completion
    2. Letter from VarSigma CEO stating the curriculum that was covered, examination process and certification procedure.
    3. Reference check form that you can share with your employer

  • How can I enroll for the workshop?

    Please email us at info@varsigma.com and we will guide you through the enrolment process.