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VarSigma is approved as a training provider by Exemplar Global (previously RABQSA), a member of the ASQ family.Global recognition for our Lean Six Sigma Certification

Course Overview

Training Duration
  • Participants will attend 27 hours of facilitator led classroom training
Training Package
  • Lean Expert Book of Knowledge
  • Analysis data files, sample case studies and practice projects
  • Preparatory module
  • Analysis data files and templates
  • Completed case studies
  • VarSigma Lean Expert Exam Fee
  • Refreshment and lunch on training days

For comprehensive workshop and certification
information, Please email us at

  • Dr. Shantanu Kumar is an accomplished author, educator and visionary. He has been a prominent business strategy consultant for Fortune 500 organisations.
  • He has trained over 10000 professionals in US, UK,Singapore, Malaysia, India, Saudi Arabia
  • Please connect with him—in.linkedin.com/in/shantanukumar3
Certification Exam
  • Each certification candidate is required to pass a written examination that consists of multiple choice questions measuring comprehension of the Body of Knowledge. The Lean Expert certification examination is a 1-hour, 40 multiple-choice question examination. It is only offered in English.

Course Content

Lean Thinking
  • Lean , Six Sigma, TQM, and TPM
  • Theory of Constraints (TOC)
  • Lean Thinking (Five Principles)
  • Synchronous Flow
  • Understanding Little’s Law,
    takt time,lead time cycle time
  • Analyzing value adds and
    non-value adds
  • Cycle Time Reduction
  • Single unit processing
    (One-piece Flow)
Total Productive Maintenance
  • Lean Manufacturing and TPM
Supply Chain Management
  • Advantage of Applying Lean to the Supply Chain Management
Lean Enterprise and Service
  • Examples of Lean Enterprise and Non-Manufacturing Services
  • Selecting and finalizing the scope of a Lean practitioner’s project
  • Lean Initiative Charter
  • SIPOC with detailed scope document
Measure — Understanding the
current process
  • Current value stream mapping
  • Mid-level maps – Functional Deployment Maps
  • Detailed process maps
  • Value Add and Non-Value Add
  • Discrete Event Simulation Modeling
  • Risk Register Development
  • Evaluating push versus pull systems
  • Learning and using Kanban
  • Analyzing bottlenecks
  • Evaluating, Pull, Push and
    continuous flow
  • FMEA for Risk Register development
  • Pareto’s Analysis for Prioritization
  • Poka Yoke and Visual controls
  • Human errors analysis. Using THERP
  • Set-up time, SMED
  • Heijunka, using Pitch and Runner
  • Standardizing work
  • A3 Problem Solving
  • Late point differentiation


To write anything about how knowledgeable Dr. Shantanu Kumar is will be an understatement. Frankly, I had joined the six sigma green belt workshop to add an extra line in my resume. But, what I learnt from the workshop was way beyond my expectations. Starting from the videos of farming practices in Israel to the automatic inventory system of amazon, the workshop impacted my rusted brain! The workshop helped me to look things differently. Even in highly standardized engineering projects, I was able to identify the issues and could come up with the solutions. I developed a tool which helped the management to easily tackle larger projects and effectively manage the training hours which in turn meant saving hundreds of euro. For me, workshop was not about learning minitab. It was to apply the learning in my area of job, to increase productivity, identify the errors and improve the quality of my work.
Thank you Shantanu for inspiring and motivating to see a broader picture!

Linkedin Testimonials- Saheba Arora, Sr. Executive Engineer at Siemens Energy and Automations, Siemens Energy and Automations

“Just amazing” is the word comes to my mind, when i think about Dr. Shantanu! His approach, his strong control over concepts makes him stand apart from others. I gained in-depth knowledge for practical use of six sigma methodology supported with examples from him during his training program i attended.
Not just knowledge the delivery system, time management is extraordinary. Exemplary! very well organised and in true sense “Six Sigma” planned & delivered program!

Linkedin Testimonials- Shaveta Alwadi, AVP – Business Process Mapping & Business Intelligence, MIPS

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  • Who should attend this workshop?

    Lean Expert training is suitable for

    • Business consultants
    • Project and Program managers
    • Middle / Senior managers
    • Operation and Quality managers
    • Engineers and Process Improvement Professionals
  • Why VarSigma?

    This workshop will be facilitated by Dr. Shantanu Kumar. We do not use services of freelance consultants as it affects the quality and consistency of the training workshop. We believe in conducting fewer however effective workshops with lasting impact. Dr. Shantanu Kumar has trained over 10,000 participants on Lean Six Sigma , Risk Management and Data Analytics.

  • What’s included in the training fee?

    27 hours classroom training, Hard copy of Lean Expert Book of Knowledge, Preparatory module, Analysis data files and templates. Lean Expert Exam Fee, Refreshment and lunch on training days

  • Will I be trained on Minitab?

    Yes, all statistical exercises will be carried out on Minitab. Participants usually spend 8-12 hours on Minitab related exercises during the workshop. We will provide the trial version of the software on the first day of the workshop.

  • What is Lean?

    Lean is a philosophy that shortens the lead time of providing a service, or producing a product, by eliminating waste. The implementation of Lean provides many simultaneous benefits such as increased quality, improved ergonomics, lower operating costs, and many others. Through the implementation of Lean, an organization will identify value added activities, value enabling activities (sometimes called required waste), and pure waste.

  • Where can Lean be applied?

    Lean tools and principles can successfully be used in all types of production and services companies and institutions.

  • What will be included in the certification kit?

    Global recognition of the program ensures the certification that you receive is accepted internationally.
    The certificate kit includes
    1. Certificate of Successful Completion
    2. Letter from VarSigma CEO stating the curriculum that was covered, examination process and certification procedure.
    3. Reference check form that you can share with your employer

  • How can I enroll for the workshop?

    Please email us at info@varsigma.com and we will guide you through the enrolment process.