Lean Six Sigma DMAIC Methodology

Lean Six Sigma DMAIC is a process improvement methodology used to improve business performance.

DMAIC expands to Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control.

A simplistic and pragmatic method to understand the objective of each phase is to ask the following questions

  1. Define – What should we improve?
  2. Measure – What is our current performance and gap?
  3. Analyse – What are the factors responsible for gap in performance?
  4. Improve – How do we bridge these gaps?
  5. Control – How do we sustain improved performance?

Lean Six Sigma DMAIC methodology provide a framework to assist organizations in attaining superior quality, sustainable business results, and financial returns. They do this by:

  1. Assuring that quality thinking becomes the way of doing business, creating a focus on customers and building customer loyalty.
  2. Applying proven quality tools to improve goods and services, and achieve breakthrough performance.
  3. Defining quality process performance metrics that tie to organizational goals.
  4. Creating a quality culture that is fun and provides a pragmatic way to achieve greater levels of process quality.
  5. Identifying projects to drive the improvement that will yield superior quality and sustainable results.

The DMAIC methodology is a guide to keep the team and project moving forward in an efficient way.

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