Dr. Shantanu Kumar
Dr. Shantanu KumarManaging Director
Dr. Shantanu Kumar has influenced and transformed the path organisations tread on for process improvement…. read more
Dr. Hamzah Almaghrabi
Dr. Hamzah AlmaghrabiPresident – Middle East Operations
Dr Hamzah Almaghrabi is a PhD in Physics from Oklahoma State University, M.Sc (Physics) Oklahoma State …. read more
Dr. Prashant Vashistha
Dr. Prashant VashisthaVice President – Healthcare
Dr. Prashant Vashistha has worked with the leading health care organizations where he contributed to advance…. read more
 Dr. Shivanand Jadhav
Dr. Shivanand JadhavPrincipal Consultant
Dr. Shivanand Jadhav has an industry experience of over 20 years which includes leading corporates like HCL…. read more
Virginie Louvois
Virginie LouvoisVice president – Human Resources Operations
Virginie Louvois is member of our EU office. She is the leader of the firm’s HR Services practice. She has led…. read more
 Arun Nair
Arun NairPrincipal Consultant
Arun K Nair is a Principal Consultant with VarSigma and has an industry experience of over 25 years which includes…. read more
Dr. Eve Hudson
Dr. Eve HudsonPrincipal Consultant
Dr. Eve Hudson is a principal consultant for Entrepreneurship initiatives… read more
Panchali Gupta
Panchali GuptaSr. Consultant
Panchali Gupta is an experienced statistician and manages statistical consulting initiatives… read more