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Data Visualisation Practitioner

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  • Self-Paced E- Learning, PLUS
  • Access to live instructor led training sessions
  • VarSigma Certification Exam Fee

Data Visualisation Practitioner

Data Visualisation Practitioners enable businesses to maximize the value of their data assets by designing and building scalable data models, cleaning and transforming data, and enabling advanced analytic capabilities. This provides meaningful business value through easy-to-comprehend data visualizations, and deliver relevant insights to key stakeholders.

What should we expect from VarSigma?

There are numerous reasons, let’s list a few

  • International Recognition– VarSigma’s globally recognized credentials sets the standards of excellence to help you discover a wealth of knowledge, resources, and opportunities  to connect, learn and grow. VarSigma is a certification body for Lean, Six Sigma, Risk Management, Innovation, Business Analytics and Digital Transformation, therefore sets stringent standards for course content, course delivery and assessment integrity.

    • The pedagogy has been designed by Dr. Shantanu Kumar, making it the most sought after workshop and certification
    • VarSigma course content, coverage and certification is by far the most rigorous and exhaustive across all public offered programs
    • VarSigma has certified professionals across industries, functions and countries, and therefore the recognition and acceptance unparalleled.
  • Alumni network for placement support –  30,000+ professionals trained across the world, 7500+ Senior professionals trained, 300,000 + Linkedin followers and presence across the world.
  • Extraordinary Facilitators – Our facilitators have a minimum of 15 years of consulting and extensive training experience. All the facilitators undergo a rigorous ‘Train the trainer’ workshop by Dr. Shantanu Kumar.

  • Project and Career Guidance–  Regular webinars and expert moderated forum provide the necessary support for understanding the next steps for career progression. Your success is a testimonial for VarSigma.
  • Classroom learning with online support – Our workshops are conducted in live instructor led sessions and along with self paced e-learning to facilitate conceptual learning. Blending the best of both worlds
For comprehensive workshop and certification information, Please email us at

What do our participants say?

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To write anything about how knowledgeable Dr. Shantanu Kumar is will be an understatement. Frankly, I had joined the six sigma green belt workshop to add an extra line in my resume. But, what I learnt from the workshop was way beyond my expectations. Starting from the videos of farming practices in Israel to the automatic inventory system of amazon, the workshop impacted my rusted brain! The workshop helped me to look things differently. Even in highly standardized engineering projects, I was able to identify the issues and could come up with the solutions. I developed a tool which helped the management to easily tackle larger projects and effectively manage the training hours which in turn meant saving hundreds of euro. For me, workshop was not about learning minitab. It was to apply the learning in my area of job, to increase productivity, identify the errors and improve the quality of my work.
Thank you Shantanu for inspiring and motivating to see a broader picture!
Linkedin Testimonials- Saheba Arora, Sr. Executive Engineer at Siemens Energy and Automations, Siemens Energy and Automations

“Just amazing” is the word comes to my mind, when i think about Dr. Shantanu! His approach, his strong control over concepts makes him stand apart from others. I gained in-depth knowledge for practical use of six sigma methodology supported with examples from him during his training program i attended.
Not just knowledge the delivery system, time management is extraordinary. Exemplary! very well organised and in true sense “Six Sigma” planned & delivered program!
Linkedin Testimonials- Shaveta Alwadi, AVP – Business Process Mapping & Business Intelligence, MIPS
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Click here for socially proven reviews

Training Duration

  • Participants will attend a minimum 10 hours of facilitator led classroom training.
  • Participants will also have access to another 2 hours of e- learning modules
  • Total Learning Duration available to a participant  is 10 hours

Training Package

  • Data Visualization using PowerBI
  • 1 year of flexible access to e-learning
  • Analysis data files and templates
  • Free Excel based software for statistical analysis
  • Periodic webinars for continual learning
  • Access to e-books and online library
  • Practice Datasets
  • VarSigma Certification Exam Fee
  • Free membership to project support forum
  • 10 PDUs for PMI credential renewal
For comprehensive workshop and certification information, Please email us at


  • VarSigma facilitators have a minimum of 15 years of consulting experience, and have conducted 100s of workshops. Our consultants have international experience in leading improvement initiatives and providing breakthrough solutions. Please review the management profile
  • Program Director – Dr. Shantanu Kumar is an accomplished author, educator and visionary. He has been a prominent business strategy consultant for Fortune 500 organisations. He has trained over 15,000 professionals in US, UK, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Saudi Arabia
  • Please connect with the Program Director—  Dr. Shantanu Kumar

Certification Exam

  • Each certification candidate is required to pass a written examination that consists of multiple choice questions measuring comprehension of the Body of Knowledge.
  • Participants are expected to complete required exercises / coursework / assignments as prescribed by the facilitator during the workshop.
  • Data Visualization Practitioner certification examination is for 1-hour, 40 multiple-choice question examination. It is only offered in English.


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Internationally Standardized Curriculum

Varsigma has a standardized body of knowledge for all programs comparable to national and international body of knowledge. The body of knowledge is reviewed periodically and updated to include new tools, techniques and application of technology.

  • Introduction to Power BI
  • Power Bl Suite
  • Building Blocks of Power Bl
  • Power Bl Service
  • Power Bl Desktop Setup

  • Choosing a Visual
  • Source of Visualizations
  • Create Table Visualization
  • Create Matrix Visualization
  • Basic Comparison and Composition Visuals
  • Explore Line and Area Charts
  • Column and Bar Charts
  • Customizing Reports

  • Proportional Composition Charts
  • 100% Stacked Charts
  • Pie and Donut Charts
  • Funnel Chart
  • Waterfall Chart
  • Treemaps

  • Display Missing Category Data
  • Displaying Geographical Data
  • Exploring Maps
  • Exploring ArcGlS
  • Integrating Custom Visualizations

  • Slicer
  • What-if Parameter
  • Grouping and Binning
  • Editing Cross-highlighting and Filtering
  • Creating a Dashboard

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Frequently asked questions

Please email us at and we will guide you through the enrollment process.

Global recognition of the program ensures the certification that you receive is accepted internationally.
The certificate kit includes
1. Certificate of Successful Completion
2. Letter from VarSigma CEO stating the curriculum that was covered, examination process and certification procedure.
3. Reference check form that you can share with your employer

Yes, the examination fee is included. If you are unable to pass the certification examination in the first attempt, you can take the exam again. The first re-examination attempt is free.
Yes, all statistical exercises will be carried out on Minitab. Participants usually spend 8-12 hours on Minitab related exercises during the workshop. We will provide the trial version of the software on the first day of the workshop.

  • 8-10 hours classroom training
  • Self Paced E Learning Content
  • VarSigma Certification Examination Fee

This workshop will be facilitated by Dr. Shantanu Kumar. We don’t use services of freelance consultants as it affects the quality and consistency of the training workshop. We believe in conducting few however effective workshops with lasting impact. Dr. Shantanu Kumar has trained over 10000 participants on Lean Six Sigma, Innovation, Risk Management and Data Analytics.

The training is suitable for middle to senior managers, Engineers, MBAs, Operations Managers, Quality Managers, and professionals who works with data

You can refer to following links for

  • Examination Policy
  • Laptop Technical Specifications
  • Privacy Policy
  • Refunds and Cancellation

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Dr. Shantanu Kumar
Dr. Shantanu KumarProgramme Director

Dr. Shantanu Kumar has influenced and transformed the path organisations tread on for process improvement, innovation and change management. A prominent author, speaker, and business consultant, Dr. Kumar is universally characterized by his friends, colleagues, and clients as one of the most insightful, humble, influential and recommended strategy consultants and is respected for his years of research in the fields of process improvement, business intelligence and innovation.

His experience has enabled most Fortune 500 companies across industries to improve operations efficiency, re-engineer obsolete and dying processes, reinvigorate business strategies and turn around failing businesses. He has trained and consulted on innovation using TRIZ, lean six sigma, program & project management, business process re-engineering, strategic leadership and managing change. He has trained more than 10000 professionals on lean six sigma, innovation, structured decision making and business process re-engineering across industries and touched many more lives in other leadership workshops. He uses his diverse life experiences to deliver workshops of seemingly complex concepts in easy to understand stories. His storytelling ability and humor keeps participants glued to their seats and his focus on applicability at work ensure tangible returns.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in commerce and statistics, master’s degree in applied math and statistics, MBA in operations management and a Phd-business intelligence scholar. His expertise includes master black belt six sigma, ISO lead auditor and project management. He has published research papers and continues to research on statistical application of neural networks in decision making, artificial intelligence in decision making models, financial risk management using decision trees classification model, multivariate statistics in marketing and operation research. He is a guest faculty at multiple business schools and continues to mentor business leaders realise their potential.

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