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I had the privilege of attending the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training delivered by Dr. Shantanu Kumar. He is one of the best classroom trainers that I have come across in my professional career. A very clear and a level headed personality with subject knowledge hard to match. He makes the subject interesting by giving various examples across industries and linking them to the relevant topics. Throughout the course he was extremely patient and used to go the extra mile to make sure that the trainees fully comprehend the principles behind his trainings.

All in all, I would highly recommend the trainings hosted by Dr Shantanu for his sheer interest in the subject, highly approachable nature and hard to match delivery skills

Dr Shantanu is as thorough with the subject as any high end consultant should be but what surprised me the most were his personal soft skills. He knew about every participant in detail way ahead of his first interaction with them. He connects instantaneously, and keeps the whole crowd hooked on alertly throughout the course. He stays in full control and delivers precisely. Everything that organises is micro managed to the core and perfected to a blade finish. Keep up the good work doc!

What an great experience having trained on Lean Six Sigma Green belt from Dr. Shantanu Kumar ( Sir).

I have learned more about statistics, and the strategic thought process that goes into executing a Six Sigma project. He came across a an exceptional teacher & mentor with excellent working knowledge of Six Sigma as a management tool and used to go beyond the topics slated to be covered during training to ensure that the audience are able to completely understand the topic.
An excellent teacher, very articulate and has this unique ability to simplify the subject by giving very real and practical examples. It was a pleasure attending Green Belt classes , would recommend everyone to attend his training sessions & would like to get into a Lean Management and Black Belt training.

Dr. Shantanu is an excellent trainer. His approach towards imparting conceptual clarity on Lean Six Sigma has been a combination theory, practical examples and just the right amount of light hearted anecdotes. Highly recommended.

Dr.Shantanu is the only person whom I have met in my entire professional life who can make a training as enjoyable and insightful as it could be. I attended his Green Belt workshop in Kolkata and in no time I was completely mesmerized with his depth of knowledge,excellent presentation and inter personal skill. I would love to attend all the workshops that is being conducted by Shantanu as I think that Six Sigma and Lean training cannot get any better than this.

Participant Feedback

Dr. Shantanu’s teaching methods remind me a saying from Einstein – ” if you can not explain it simply, you do not know it well enough”. The ease with which he explains all complex statistics, makes Six Sigma a practical tool to solve business problems. Thanks and keep doing the great stuff you are doing….
To be recommending Shantanu is an honor in itself. For someone who knows his subject so so thoroughly, ensuring his sessions are interactive and fun, and not just a plain jane information download. A rare combination of a good soul and artificial intelligence, it ain’t surprising if he does not have any back-up at work. He is a genuine pleasure to work with and lightens up the atmosphere around considerably.
Dr. Shantanu Kumar is an excellent trainer and coach. He has a very detailed and deep understanding of lean and six sigma concepts and he passes on the knowledge in a such a trainee friendly way that you don’t even realise even when he is sharing some light moments they are actually progressing the workshop. His expert knowledge in diverse fields helps you to connect with him instantly. Thanks for all the efforts you have put in for us
Linkedin testimonials - Pankaj Sharma, Deputy General Manager, BPO+ Business Process Outsourcing
The VarSigma workshop on SixSigma Green Belt was excellent in terms of knowledge, practical example, industry integration and visionary. It would really help in my career to think and implement any solution in a different way. The complicated problem solving capability and analysis based on live data were demonstrated in a very friendly and in statistical way. I hope more people will join the workshop to improve their career and make profit for the Industries they work for. Thanks!
Dr. Shantanu is a subject matter expert and his teaching methodology is based on real life examples and case studies making it easy for people to logically understand a topic and be able to apply it in their fields. Thanks to him, my comeback to classroom studies was smooth and enriching.
Linkedin testimonials - Sridevi Baktula,Manager, Enterprise Service, Vodafone Mobile Services Limited
Apart from the vast knowledge and command over whatever shantanu sir teaches, which have been discussed by many , i would like to point out two key aspects of shantanu sir’s personality which i recognized at the time of green belt certification program where shantanu sir was our trainer. Firstly the amount of patience sir has and secondly the humbleness he has. It was really surprising to see a person of such a high stature having all these qualities in him. I would like to wish sir best of luck for his future and thanks again for the six day training program session he conducted with us.
Linkedin testimonials - Abhishek Sabharwal OCS, HICT Analyst, Hamad Medical Corporation
An excellent trainer, mind-blowing orator. Ability to change your vision of life. Makes statistics play for you and above all who can make you a true six sigma professional.
Linkedin Testimonials- Anand Moitra, Deputy Manager Quality & Training, Lodha Group
I had the privilege of meeting Dr Shantanu Kumar during a Six Sigma Green Belt workshop in Kolkata, India. The workshop itself was very professionally conducted and with utmost sincerity. Dr Kumar’s manner of imparting knowledge is exemplary. Further to the workshop, Dr Kumar stayed in touch and, although we have not had the opportunity to work on projects in a professional capacity, he often provided valuable counsel at different points in time. I look forward to interacting with him again and wish him the best in his endeavours.
To write anything about how knowledgeable Shantanu is will be an understatement. Frankly, I had joined the six sigma green belt workshop to add an extra line in my resume. But, what I learnt from the workshop was way beyond my expectations. Starting from the videos of farming practices in Israel to the automatic inventory system of amazon, the workshop impacted my rusted brain! The workshop helped me to look things differently. Even in highly standardized engineering projects, I was able to identify the issues and could come up with the solutions. I developed a tool which helped the management to easily tackle larger projects and effectively manage the training hours which in turn meant saving hundreds of euro. For me, workshop was not about learning minitab. It was to apply the learning in my area of job, to increase productivity, identify the errors and improve the quality of my work. Thank you Shantanu for inspiring and motivating to see a broader picture!
VarSigma as lead by Dr. Shantanu is the right place to be for the Six Sigma Workshop/Training for Green Belt or Black Belt. Dr. Shantanu has got a very clear understanding of the subject matter and anybody trained by him would eventually turn around to be an efficient expert in implementing DMAIC or any of the Lean tools effectively at workplace. I very strongly recommend VarSigma for working professionals.
Linkedin Testimonials- Ravi Shekhar Jha, Asst. Manager EXIM-Commercial, PowerWind Limited
“Just amazing” is the word comes to my mind, when i think about Dr. Shantanu! His approach, his strong control over concepts makes him stand apart from others. I gained in-depth knowledge for practical use of six sigma methodology supported with examples from him during his training program i attended. Not just knowledge the delivery system, time management is extraordinary. Exemplary! very well organised and in true sense “Six Sigma” planned & delivered program! Keep growing 🙂
Dr. Shantanu’s expertise and experience is invaluable for amateurs in Six Sigma. He makes otherwise boring topics interesting with his sense of humor and real life examples. He makes an effort to clarify doubts and facilitate the learning process.
Linkedin Testimonials- Shimul Jennifer Noor, Quality Assurance Executive, Singapore Cord Blood Bank
I had opportunity to attend the Six Sigma Green Belt Training with Dr. Shantanu as my trainer. I believe Dr. Shantanu besides being best in his domain; he also brings several other skills that make the whole experience a memorable one. He is a master of his subject. His presentation, communications skills further speaks about this capability. He never loses the sight of any individual .One of the good part of the training was the examples and videos cited. A big thank you Sir. Wish you all the very Best!
Linkedin Testimonials- Smruti Subrat Patra, Deputy Manager, Elico Healthcare Services Ltd
The best teacher I have seen so far, He was knowledgeable and tech savvy. He made the course very interactive and lively. Although these are very dry topics. I would not hesitate to listen to him again on any topic. Fantastic teacher ever.
Linkedin Testimonials- Shiv vadlamudi, VP, JPMorgan Chase
Six sigma green Belt training was one of the few awesome trainings I have attended in my life.Shanthanu had great control over the training session. The real time examples he discussed were absolutely marvelous and helped the participants to have very good understanding on the fundamental concepts.
Linkedin Testimonials- Sudeep Peter, CBAP®, Senior Business Analyst, RM Education
Dr. Shantanu Kumar is brilliant at what he does. He’s an encyclopedia himself. You ask him one question and he will give everything related to your question. He’s a perfectionist and it was a great experience getting trained under him.
Linkedin Testimonials- Kailash Yadav, HR Total Rewards, Compensation and Benefits Analyst, Deloitte Shared Service
It was really a wonderful experience to interact with Shantanu. He is well able to understand the requirements of the audience and take them forward with good examples. His communication skills & subject knowledge are key strengths which turn him to take lead in the group. It was overall an exciting experience to meet him.
Linkedin Testimonials- Piyush Rao, AGM, Process Engineering, Fresenius Kabi Oncology Limited
I had opportunity to attend the Six Sigma Green Belt Training with Dr. Shantanu as my trainer. His way of delivering the training was incredible. One of the good part of the training was the examples and videos cited. It was a good learning for me as I am naive in this field. Thank you Sir.
It was an awesome experience having trained on Lean SSBB from Shantanu Sir. He has strong command over subject. His clarity on concepts & in-depth knowledge in lean six sigma was very impressive. Training sessions were very interactive & fun. He is an expert and very engaging trainer on this topic. The real world examples & tool usage during training helped a lot in understanding concepts crystal clear. He has superb communication skills & different way of explaining subject which makes it very easy to understand. It has been truly a privilege for having him as trainer for black belt. I have already recommended to colleagues & friends to undergo GB/BB training by him. I had a great experience & I am looking forward for gaining more expertise/knowledge in lean six sigma, BPR etc. from him.
Linkedin Testimonials- Kanwaljeet Singh, Senior Quality Assurance Consultant, UnitedHealth Group
He is a master of his subject. His presentation, communications skills further speaks about this capability. He never loses the sight of any individual. He is patient, calm and always ready to support any complex issues related to Six Sigma methodologies. I had an amazing experience of his teaching and now confident on the technology.
Dr. Shantanu was our trainer and mentor during the RABQSA Green Belt certification course. He delivers his speech in a very simple manner, brings real life examples to understand complex business scenarios. His application based approach of teaching enables all student to take something back at end of the course. I would feel glad to take the opportunity to get him as a trainer for my BB certification.
Linkedin Testimonials-Subhadeep Chakrabort, Deputy Manager, WNS Global Services
It was a great experience having trained on Lean Six Sigma Green belt from Dr. Shantanu. His communication is very impactful. He has unique way of explaining the concepts that makes it easy to understand & relate to real world. I look forward to have more engagement w.r.t next level on training from Dr. Shantanu.
It is an amazing experience to learn concepts such as SiX Sigma and use of statistical tools for business improvement from Shantanu. Shantanu is an expert and very engaging trainer on this topic. I would highly recommend Shantanu if anyone is keen to the pursue knowledge improvement and the certification in this domain.
Linkedin Testimonials – Gopal Chimnani, UK and North West Europe IT Compliance Officer, Siemens Plc.
I have attended Dr. Shantanu’s Six Sigma Green Belt workshop and the experience was nothing less than amazing. Apart from the regular course, I have learned more about statistics, and the strategic thought process that goes into executing a Six Sigma project. Throughout the course he has shared valuable insights about various industries, tools and challenges a project leader faces. In future I would really like to work with him and attend one of his other Six Sigma or Lean workshops.
Linkedin Testimonials- Chintan Panchal, Strategy & Operations Consultant, Francorp, Inc.
Dr. Shantanu is a good Trainer by the way he lecture the concepts and good spokesman, he knows how to attract the focus of the listeners by his interesting way of communication skills.
Linkedin Testimonials- RICHARD GNAN RAJ R, Junior Engineer, Tata Projects
Dr. Shantanu is an excellent teacher. He is an amazing teacher .His attention to detail, his ability to relate to Six Sigma tools and techniques and identify opportunities for implementation was extra-ordinary. He is extremely sharp and gifted, and it is evident from the first interaction. I am really impressed with his training. A big thank you, Dr. Shantanu!
Linkedin Testimonials- Shilpi Arora, SR HR / Quality, NIIT Limited
Dr. Shantanu is an excellent facilitator. The immense knowledge he’s displayed during the training session was simply amazing. It’s rare to come across a person who is sharing knowledge on a topic/subject that is mastered with such perfection. I have also trained for years and I know the difference between “training sessions” & “impactful training sessions”.I have attended his classes for four consecutive days and each day I would look forward to attending the class and be curious to know what and how he’d share the next thing. It’s like giving life to a subject. I strongly recommend anybody interested in pursuing courses in Process Re-engineering, Six Sigma, Lean or just Business Process Excellence to approach and find out when he’s delivering the next session. A big thank you, Dr. Shantanu!
Linkedin Testimonials- Syed Ghouse Mohiuddin, Training Manager, ADP
I came to know Dr Shantanu when I attended Six Sigma workshop by him. He is an amazing teacher who teaches you business engineering and not merely six sigma techniques. They say that six sigma is a metric, methodology, management system and philosophy. Shantanu has such a good grip over the length and breadth of it that he effortlessly covers all four dimensions! With his PhD background in Math, he can effortlessly deep dive into the mathematical statistics of it and at the same time, can relate umpteen number of true stories from real businesses to make it practical. He transitions from macro to micro in a second and that is a great quality. I will recommend him wholeheartedly if you are looking for a solid advice in business engineering.
Linkedin Testimonials- Bhaskarjyoti Das, Student, Visvesvaraya Technological University
I have attended the Black Belt program. I was coached and mentored by Dr Shantanu Kumar. I think he is one of the best coaches as far as Six Sigma is concerned. He judges the knowledge of his students and then adopts accordingly. Also his focus is on providing holistic knowledge of the subject and not restricted or partial knowledge. I have really gained a very good perspective of Six Sigma from his training.
Linkedin Testimonials – Anand Nyaypathy, AGM, Quality, Ajuba Solutions India Pvt Ltd.
I met Dr Shantanu Kumar for the first time during the Six Sigma Green Belt Training workshop. His depth of knowledge was amazing and he has the knack of making a boring subject like statistics very interesting to his trainees. That’s what happened to me too and I enrolled myself for the Six Sigma Black Belt training also. It was Shantanu again who ensured that I could understand the statistical concepts of Six Sigma that a Black Belt should know. Thank You Very Much Shantanu.
Linkedin Testimonials – Rajesh Gadgil, DGM, Larsen & Toubro Limited
Dr. Shantanu Kumar’s knowledge on process excellence is deep and wide. He is also an outstanding trainer and coach which makes him very valuable to someone who is very interested in this subject. He is able to draw on practical experience extensively to ask the right kind of questions, to help simplify complex topics and to drive concepts home.
Linkedin Testimonials – Chaitanya Nadkarny, Member of the Board, Rang De
Being a trainer Dr. Shantanu Kumar has an exceptional knowledge of his subject. Attending his training was an experience in itself. It has not only developed my analytical skills but also gave me the insight of the existing corporate strategies. The diverse examples quoted by Dr. Shantanu Kumar work as an eye opener.His training technique is unique in itself. It truly was an experience attending his training.
Linkedin Testimonials – Jharna Patel, QC Lead, German Language, HP
Dr. Shantanu is a person having immense knowledge. I attended the green belt, black belt and Lean expert certification course under Shantanu and i found it to be brilliant. He shares his knowledge, very helpful and makes you understand the topic in a very easy way. Thank you Shantanu for all the help and support.
I believe Dr. Shantanu besides being best in his domain; he also brings several other skills that make the whole experience a memorable one. His in-depth knowledge of his subject, clarity in voice, professionalism, discipline & many more makes him one of the best you will ever meet. I recommend him to any organization or individuals who are serious to make serious changes for achieving the best. I surely will seek his services in very near future. .
Linkedin Testimonials – Sudhir Sharma, Managing Director, EduKonnect Solutions
Dr. Shantanu Kumar is a superlative subject matter expert. He never compromises on quality and has excellent leadership qualities. He is consistent and his out of box ideas merit mention. Best of all he just loves his job and takes great pride in his work. .
Linkedin Testimonials – Sujoy Ganguli, Directing Staff, Maritime Warfare Centre, Indian Government
I attended Lean Six Sigma workshop held in Delhi in June 2013 delivered by Dr Shantanu. I came all the way from Sydney to pursue the training and i must say that i was not dissappointed at all. I was thoroughly impressed by Shantanu’s command over Six Sigma concepts. He ensured that he connected with everyone during the course and asnwered every query very patiently. His real life examples made the workshop even more interesting. Overall Six Sigma GB was a great value adding experience and I definitely recommend Shantanu and wish him all the very best.
Linkedin Testimonials – Nitin Chopra, Continuous Improvement Analyst, Roads & Maritime Services
I have attended Green belt six sigma workshop at Mumbai. It was a nice experience, very smooth way of teaching with good mix of theories, practicals, quizzes and revision. And a trainer Dr. Shantanu Kumar, Amazing Person-a good Human being with good Humor. I was amazed at his teaching capability of explaining complex subject matter with ease. He possesses well developed Technical skills, Professional skills and Personal skills. He is not only having extensive knowledge in the subject matter but also a proven ability to convey it with clear communication & patience. I understood six sigma concepts & its practical applications. Thanks to Shantanu, he is truly a Doctor with remedy for improvement of processes.
Linkedin Testimonials – JAYA GOYAL, Practising CA
I recently attended Six Sigma Green Belt training in Chennai location and found Dr.Shantanu very knowledgeable and man of numbers with high impact communication and presentation skills who kept the training program very interactive and made difficult things easy to understand for us. He was hilarious to keep the training interesting and lively, and given examples which were relevant to real world situations and easy to understand the significance and usage of six sigma principles. It was a great experience and I highly recommend him for top notch corporate trainings. Thanks to Dr.Shantanu and hope our paths cross again. I wish him all the best in his future endeavors…:) .
Linkedin Testimonials – Maneesh Sharma, Project Manager, Hindustan Unilever Limited
I highly recommend Dr. Shantanu for Six Sigma Workshops. He holds excellent command over the subject and there is nothing that he is unaware of in Six Sigma platform. His extensive knowledge blended with rich training experience makes his sessions live and engaging all the time.Dr. Shantanu is an excellent trainer.
Linkedin Testimonials – Bharati Rathod, Training Manager, Rasasi Perfumes Industry
I had attended the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Program recently and found the same excellent. The delivery of the course by Dr. Shantanu was very lively and his agility to clarify doubts with clear application examples was simply superb. Thank you Dr. Shantanu for the same. Wishing you continued success.
Dr. Shantanu Kumar is an excellent lecturer who has got an in depth knowledge of process excellence and operation principle. He has taught me the DMAIC cycle of Green Belt Six Sigma. A fantastic orator and good knowledge, mixed with some good humor has made him one of the finest lecturers on Process excellence and Operations Principles. I will strongly recommend anybody to attend his lectures.
Linkedin Testimonials- Debraj Gupta, Tier 2 Specialist (Ticket Management), Amazon
I had attended Dr. Shantanu’s Six Sigma Green Belt certification in Feb. His knowledge of applied mathematics and concepts of green belt is exemplary. The way the training class was conducted was well appreciated by all participants. I recommend the six sigma GB training for his knowledge and the relation to real world examples. Hope to get on the BB batch.
This was for sure the BEST training i ever attended.Dr. Shantanu is really great in teaching the concepts. Thank you my dear friend (Sir looks too formal :)) .
Linkedin Testimonials- Mandar Salunkhe, Sr. Software Process Engg at Mphasis, An HP company
Shantanu was the mentor for the Lean Green Six Sigma class conducted by him in May 2013. During my interaction with him he came across an exceptional teacher & mentor with excellent working knowledge of Six Sigma as a management tool. I greatly benefited by his industry insights vis-a-vis practical six sigma knowledge imparted by him. A mentor and leader par excellence!
Linkedin Testimonials- SANJAY JADHAV, Regional Head, The Muthoot Group
I have come across very few people who are knowledgeable and passionate about their profession. Shantanu is one among them. I’m glad to have received the training on Lean six sigma concepts from Shantanu. The training was top notch. Highly recommended.
Linkedin Testimonials- Rohith K Hebbar, Business Competency Manager, Hcl Technologies
In the past, I’ve had many training experiences but Six Sigma training by Dr. Shantanu stands out as one of my best experience thus far. It was a delight to be a part of your workshop. It is said that Teaching is a Performance Art and you “truly delivered it”.
Linkedin Testimonials- Pushkal Mishra, Associate Architect, Cvent
It was an awesome experience having trained on SSGB . He has strong command over subject. His presentation, communications skills further speaks about this capability `.It was a great experience having trained on Lean Six Sigma Green belt from him.
Linkedin Testimonials- Amal G Nair, Specialist Business Operations, Verizon Data Services
Shantanu is a rock star. He is simply the best trainer and expert in lean Six Sigma that I have come across. He ensured that the training sessions were rich in content, focused on practical applications and never dull/boring. He used to go beyond the topics slated to be covered during training to ensure that the audience are able to completely understand the topic. I would recommend him as a trainer to anyone who is looking to understand lean Six Sigma management system without any doubt.
Linkedin Testimonials- Rohit Kaul, AGM, Shiv Nadar Foundation
I have attended the Lean Six Sigma course delivered by Shantanu. I found him very knowledgeable about the subject and well informed about different industries. An excellent teacher, very articulate and has this unique ability to simplify the subject by giving very real and practical examples. It was a pleasure attending his classes and I wish him the very best in future.
Linkedin Testimonials- Chandrika Arora, Founder & CEO, QMATRA Services
Shantanu was the Trainer for the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Session conducted by him in May 2013 where I got to know about him as an exceptional teacher & mentor with excellent knowledge of Six Sigma as a management tool. His knowledge on practical six sigma implementation in different industries with interesting examples helped to think differently on the processes. The interactive sessions & diversified knowledge with different examples helped a lot during training. I am inspired of the skills and expertise that he possesses across industries. He is very approachable, helpful and patient person, a great mentor. I would recommend everyone to attend his training sessions and would like to get into a Lean Management and Black Belt training soon.
Shantanu has an unmatchable training expertise. I attended the Green Belt Workshop with him in Pune last month and was very impressed by his training skills. He is very intelligent and hardworking. He worked hard to make sure all the concepts are well understood by giving real life examples which helped us to relate better with the workshop content. He made the workshop highly interactive and informative for everyone by encouraging every participant to voice their opinions and questions. He displayed good command over the subject and was prepared to answer every question that was put before him. At the end of the workshop, he was very helpful in guiding us on how we can practice using six sigma tools in our verticals and how the same can be pursued further. One thing not to be missed out is his excellent sense of humor which he knows putting to its best use. I would strongly recommend him to everyone for these trainings. Thank you very much, Shantanu!
Dr. Shantanu is a Subject Matter Expert with a complete and wonderful grip over the subject. Excellent presentation skills and broad scope of knowledge across the industry verticals and sectors is another exemplary of his professional experience.
Linkedin Testimonials- VINEET DUBEY, Management Consultant, KPMG
Shantanu is a real mentor, precisely… I’m really glad that I got the opportunity to be coached by such a dynamic individual, full-enthusiasm & immense knowledge. The level of subject matter expertise that Shantanu carries helped to look extremely difficult and challenging tasks as comfortable as easy, during the 4 days of training. His ability to transform the conceptual learning into practical examples is outstanding. With massive multi-industries and multi-geographies experience, Shantanu comes out as a role-model for many of us. He is so far the best trainer I have ever experienced in my life. One will be rejuvenated after training by Dr. Shantanu.
Linkedin Testimonials- Urvil Parekh, Director, SNL Financial
Well I came in touch with Mr. Shantanu during my Six Sigma training where Mr. Shantanu was the trainer. The first impression he gave me was of a very serious person but once he started his sessions it was all fun and in good spirit. He is an awesome trainer and he can motivate people. A person with good knowledge about various industries and he has a very good command over his subject. Learned quite a few things from him and i wish him all success in his life. You rocked Sirji.
Linkedin Testimonials- AVIK SHARMA, Quality Dept, Narayana Hrudalaya
I have attended his Six Sigma Green Belt session in Bangalore the knowledge that he has on the subject is enormous. The way he detailed into each aspect of the six sigma with ease was fantastic
Linkedin Testimonials- Vidya S, Manager, Magus Customer Dialog
It all started with Lean Six Sigma Green Belt program where I met Shantanu, my first experience to attend any such training and I must say what a great start. He has the ability to make the training session very interesting, humorous & interactive with his teaching skills & un-diversified focus on the subject (His examples on FDA did give me sleepless nights in addition to the rigorous four day classroom sessions).Jokes apart I did enjoy every bit of it. I am inspired of the skills and expertise that he possesses across industries. He is very approachable and any discussion with him would end up fruitful. I have to comment about his patience that our batch tested time and again (he was awesome) I completely recommend everyone to attend his training sessions and looking forward to get into a black belt training soon. Thanks Shantanu for all the help and support, Sir.
Linkedin Testimonials- Sriharsha KS, IT Technical Consultant, SAP
Shantanu is a tireless an amazing trainer. I attended the GB training for 4 days in Bangalore and as a trainee generally one would expect these training on theory to be very boring, but the in depth knowledge Shantanu has on the subject and his presentation skills is truly admirable and never make you feel you are part of the training program. During the training Shantanu was more of a mentor than a trainer moving from one corner to the other assisting the participants exercise the knowledge imparted by him. Conceptually very clear which helps all the participants. His knowledge on the subject has benefited many till now and is sure will continue. Strongly recommend him as a mentor or trainer for these kinds of trainings.
Linkedin Testimonials- Sajid Ahmed, Asst. Manager, Aircel
Mr. Shantanu is the best trainer i came across. His training was so interesting. After days i still remember the examples and could relate to problems i take to solve. I am LSS GB, and to be frank full credit goes to Mr. Shantanu. During workshop my health was not so good and couldn’t read materials, but still now i remember each moment of four days workshop because of which i cleared GB. Above all whatever field you work, he can give you perfect examples that make you understand and he have a vast knowledge regarding most subjects. I can assure you that you will have best learning experience with him.
Linkedin Testimonials- Navaneeth krishnan P Nair, Assistant Manager, Hitachi Home and Life solutions India
Shantanu is a great trainer… it requires great skills to keep training sessions, like that of Lean Six sigma Green Belt for five days as the sole instructor, alive and interesting… apart from that he is truly resourceful.. an encyclopedia… i noticed that he has answers for any question we ask him all of which supported by some facts and figures…
Shantanu is a great trainer of six sigma. It was very fortunate for me to attend the green belt workshop. The 4 day workshop was conducted in a systematic manner and the contents were delved in depth for easy understanding. Very few can engage an audience with an industry experience ranging from 5 – 15 yrs. throughout the training session. The whole credit goes to Shantanu, which speaks volumes about the knowledge he possess. A very dynamic person.
Linkedin Testimonials- Vijay Krishna, Manager – Facilities, JLL
Shantanu’s training session on Six Sigma was very valuable, I really liked the flow of the concepts, sharing of case studies/example and humor in between session. I would certainly recommend him for any consulting or training on this subject.
Linkedin Testimonials- Mohit Tandon, S.A. Vice President – Sales & Client Service, EXL
It was truly an enterprising and extremely invigorative session (4 days of Training) that I had with Shantanu Kumar. In fact, Shantanu Kumar has this amazing ability and strength to keep the sessions intact, through immaculate delivery of training sessions. He made some of the extremely difficult and tough tasks, look quite easy without any hassles. With his ability to deep dive down approach, and command over the subject, further lead by domain expertise, makes him perhaps one of the most revered trainers in India. Extremely analytical, and hands on, with firm ability to understand the subject, with impeccable style of response management. I thoroughly enjoyed my training session under his guidance.
Linkedin Testimonials- KULVINDER S SAINI, Sales and Operations Director, Octopus Outsourcing
I recently attended Six Sigma Green Belt training and found Shantanu very knowledgeable and man of numbers with high impact communication and presentation skills who kept the training program very interactive and made difficult things easy to understand for us. He was humorous to keep the training interesting and lively, and given examples which were relevant to real world situations and easy to understand the significance and usage of six sigma principles. It was a great experience and I highly recommend him for top notch corporate trainings. Thanks Shantanu and hope our paths cross again. I wish him all the best in his future endeavors.
Linkedin Testimonials- Priyank Jammar, Director, Hexaware Technologies
I recently attended a Six Sigma Green Belt workshop and I should say it was one of the best out of school training programs. Shantanu made the training very interactive and his experience and knowledge helped everyone easily understand the concepts of six sigma irrespective of the industry. The way he links Six Sigma concepts to real world problems helped us understand the concepts better and quicker. I strongly recommend the Lean Six Sigma Course conducted by Shantanu.
I have attended Lean Six Sigma training conducted by Shantanu at Chennai, and found the training very useful and value for money. His fundamentals in the subject are very good and the sessions were quite interesting with lot of practical examples from different sectors. This is one of the best trainings I have undergone in my career so far.
Linkedin Testimonials- Mahesh Kumar, Self Employed – Business
Dr. Shantanu is a GURU in Six Sigma. I was fortunate to have been coached for GBSS under him. The Five days of training under him were the best training I’ve attended. He is a subject matter expert, and even though he is a master and man of numbers his explanations of the concept and teaching were keeping in mind the audience. A very humble and down-to-earth person. Shantanu’s ability & his immense experience made the learning a very refreshing experience and I not only achieved my goal of GB but also learned a lot from interesting stories and other insight that he shared with class. He is simply one of the best speakers I have ever met. I’m looking forward to my BB training under him.
Linkedin Testimonials, Baiju Mehta
Dr Shantanu was our trainer in the GB Six Sigma course. In depth knowledge in various cross functional domains (manufacturing, IT/ITeS, R&D etc) make him a unique and an invaluable asset in the corporate world. The best instructor, I’ve come across in all these years. I strongly recommend him as a trainer and subject matter expert.
Linkedin Testimonials- Veeravalli Purna Srinivas, Vice President, Deloitte U.S. India offices
Shantanu is a competent and excellent trainer. Every hour of the training was informative, interesting to understand with the analogies provided. There was no time wasted in getting to the point and the four days of Green Belt Training was quite engrossing and participative. He demonstrated excellent knowledge of the content and good communication skill with the participants. I would definitely recommend attending his trainings to get a good understanding of Six Sigma concepts.
Linkedin Testimonials- Rubina Gonsalves, Sr. Project Manager, Citrix
Dr. Shantanu Kumar is a person with detailed knowledge about Lean Six Sigma. I have had the opportunity to attend his training program in Lean Six Sigma for Green Belts. Even though he is a man of numbers, he understands his audience very well and explains concepts in layman’s terms. I thoroughly enjoyed his training sessions, and I am sure all of his future trainees will undergo a similar experience. I am looking forward to undergo a Black Belt training program with him in the future, and I am sure I will enjoy it immensely, while it lasts. I wish him the very best in all his future endeavors. Thank you for a wonderful experience once again.
Shantanu was our faculty for the Six Sigma Green Belt training program I recently attended. He was superb! Extremely thorough with the subject, down to earth, good sense of humor with the patience of a sage! Though he has completed his doctorate he has no airs about it and is surprisingly approachable. I really want to know what else he teaches. Whatever it is, I’m signing up
Linkedin Testimonials- Nibu Thomas, Manager, Technical Publications, GT Nexus
I have recently attended the Six Sigma Green Belt course which was conducted by Dr. Shantanu. I must say that these are the best four days I have spent in any training. Dr. Shantanu is highly knowledgeable about all aspects of Six Sigma through the DMAIC phases and uses wonderful examples in presenting the concepts. He is very jovial during the entire session and not for a single moment was anyone bored. It was a pleasure to attend this session and especially from Dr. Shantanu. I highly recommend that if anyone wants to take up a SSGB course, they should take it through a session where Dr. Shantanu is conducting the certification course.
Linkedin Testimonials- Nishi Nigam, QA Manager, Amazon
It was a package of fun, knowledge, information and learning while attending 4-day Green Belt course on Lean Six Sigma. Shantanu managed to deliver the 32-hour training single “handedly”. Great quality. Shantanu knows the subject thoroughly and has a deep knowledge of statistics & its application. He taught us the concepts of DMAIC in such a way that no one can forget for next few months even if not practiced. I have started thinking differently since completion of the course. I wish all the best for Shantanu’s future.
Linkedin Testimonials- Pushkar Deshpande, Engineering Manager, Black & Veatch Canada
Dr. Shantanu was my SSGB trainer @ Chennai. His subject matter expertise around Six Sigma concepts is quite exceptional. By the end of my first day training, I developed a great respect for his teaching skills & un-diversified focus on the subject. I could see a highly organized & well-disciplined professional in him. He knows how to grab attention of the students & make them completely understand the subject. He is truly one of the best trainers I have ever seen. In one word I could say he is ‘outstanding’ & I am literally looking forward to attend my Black Belt training by him. Thank you Shantanu.
Linkedin Testimonials- Veeraputrayya Babu Mynam, Manager – Payment Analytics, SCIO Health Analytics
Shantanu is an inspiring trainer who handled multiple dimensions of training with fun filled activities. He made the training unforgettable and the learning lasting forever.
Linkedin Testimonials-NAMBIRAJAN J, Founder, CEO, Greenmile Excellence Pvt Ltd
I have had the privilege of being trained in Six Sigma by Shantanu himself. It was enlightening to have such intensive concepts dished out so interestingly. I highly recommend Shantanu and Six Sigma to colleagues and friends. In fact, I have sent a large part of my team for this training. Always a pleasure being trained by Shantanu. A big thank you. Wish you all the very Best!
Linkedin Testimonials- Aditi Chandra, VP Learning and Development, JP Morgan
I attended the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification program recently and found Shantanu Kumar to be an enthusiastic and passionate trainer. He is an effective communicator with the ability to connect with his students and make the course content very interesting. Shantanu had the class fully involved and engaged with his command on the subject, wit and humor. It is my pleasure to recommend Shantanu Kumar as a “world class trainer”.
Linkedin Testimonials- Nina R. Naik, Proprietor, WebSplendor
I had the opportunity to attend the Six Sigma Green Belt Course with Shantanu as faculty. He was highly impressive with the right dose of knowledge, experience, empathy and fortunately humor to make a heavy subject attractive to a motley batch of participants. In a period as little as four days, he provided as much individual assistance as possible to the participants and I am sure all my co-participants felt similarly. I wish him all the best in his future endeavourse
Linkedin Testimonials- Santanu Basu, President Projects, Ensol Power ( P ) Ltd
The experience I had at the six Sigma GB training was simply amazing. For a bloke like me who has not worked in operations, the concepts that were introduced were interesting and stimulating. He is very good by getting everyone engaged through group quizzes and also found ways to keep everyone involved throughout the 4-day training sessions. Simply outstanding and am looking forward to attend a Six-sigma Black Belt session soon.
I had the opportunity to work with Shantanu when I attended a Six Sigma workshop. Shantanu has an extremely large repertoire of incidents and anecdotes that were at times funny, informative, enlightening and inventive. The entire demeanor and content was so well delivered that he “compelled” me to do self-study even after a grueling day at the workshop. Something that I have not been able to accomplish in a long time. For this, I will always be indebted as this has opened my eyes to the fact that “I can”. Another aspect of Shantanu’s delivery is his ability to quickly transform from an orator to a showman to a geek. At one moment he will be detailing a relevant incident and at the very next, he will be deep-diving into some really scary looking calculus and algorithms. The transformation was always seamless and aptly adjusted to the audience and the topic. If I ever go back for a Six Sigma Black Belt, it would only be because I was started off into this arena by one of the best people to work with. If I do, it will be with Shantanu.
Linkedin Testimonials- Fazle Naqvi, Director – Enterprise Solutions, Sierra Infosys Inc.
I have found Shantanu Kumar to be an extraordinary trainer of tremendous versatility, intelligence and discipline — and he is a lot of fun too. I have benefited extremely from the four day training program on Six Sigma – Green belt at Hyderabad. His attitude is inspiring, his knowledge is exceptional. Thanks Shantanu. Your training was worth the time and money. Looking forward to meet you soon.
Linkedin Testimonials- Srinivas Peddibhotla, Senior Consultant, Deloitte
I have been through all the recommendations for Shantanu and one thing that stands out is “High Reproducibility” :-). I had the opportunity to attend the Six Sigma GB training @ Hyderabad and I am glad to have Shantanu as my trainer. His uncanny ability to make anybody (even a mathematically handicapped guy understand the Six Sigma concepts is really praiseworthy. He can quickly switch roles and get your undivided attention. A tot of training sessions post lunch make you yawn. Shantanu’s sessions don’t. I am definitely looking forward to attend more training sessions and I would love to have him as a trainer once again. Thank you Sir !!!
Shantanu completely enthralls you with his insights on his structured way to approach a business case and provide an objective way of viewing both the causes and effects of the problem with data and statistical computations. He helped me a lot in clearing out some of my basic concepts in stats and it’s because of his so clear conceptual approach in imparting training that i find it easy in applying SIX SIGMA in almost all aspects of business problem. Certainly the best teacher i have ever come across.
Linkedin Testimonials- Anirban Lahiri I CSSGB, Regional Logistics Manager- West, Nivea India Pvt Ltd
I will keep it short and crisp. When it comes to Shantanu Sir, the word is “Amazing”. The way he deals with people is excellent besides his excellent all around knowledge. He makes the environment around him so enthusiastic. That’s the most special thing about him. Well, you get to learn a lot of things during his training along with his good sense of humor. All in all a great person to deal with. Sir, all the best!!
Linkedin Testimonials- Harsh Patel, Associate Manager, CallHealth
I had opportunity to attend the Six Sigma Greenbelt course at Hyderabad. I was attending a training session after a long time (almost after 13years) with all kinds of skepticism in my mind, (If I would be able to understand the concepts, Understand and derive value from the training and so on!) I must admit, we were very lucky to have Shantanu Kumar as a trainer. He is very energetic and engaged us each and every minute during the session. (English Humor at its best). He knows how to explain the most difficult concepts in a simple way, which any one can understand easily. Thank you very much Sir for all your support and will recommend you to my friends and colleagues.
Linkedin Testimonials-Sunil Gundapaneni, Management Consultant, Australia
I personally believe trainers are an important part of any company because they are directly responsible for the growth and performance of their organization and participants and would like to say Shantanu has all characteristics of perfect and creative trainer. He has command on the subject, skill, contact with all participants and give good clarity. I liked to have trainer like Shantanu Kumar. Thanks.
Linkedin Testimonials- Dr.Priyanka Dixit, Faculty (Quality Management and HIS), DMIMS
Professional, articulate, knowledgeable, suave…some of the traits that come to your mind when you interact with Shantanu. Possesses the unique blend of patience, clarity of thought, an ability to drive a concept along with an immaculate sense of humour. I had the opportunity to avail his expertise during the Six Sigma Green Belt Training program that I had attended recently in Bangalore. I would recommend Shantanu’s services to anyone who is interested in learning the intricate yet invaluable concepts of Six Sigma. One will not find a better expert around!
Linkedin Testimonials-Prashant Menon, Business Transformation Leader, Altimetrik
I got lean six sigma green belt training from Shantanu and it was beneficial to me. Shantanu has very good knowledge on this subject and his teaching techniques are practical and useful. He has real good sense of humor and he keeps training environment interesting. I am satisfied after this training because it was a real good combination of my best skills math’s and business and Shantanu taught it very well. Looking forward to attend lean expert training. Wishing good luck to Shantanu.
Linkedin Testimonials- Viral Jain, QA Engineer, Asite
Shantanu is a detail oriented professional and has control on the service and its objective till it was achieved. My experience with him was short and precise, i was happy and satisfied as a customer and highly appreciate his professionalism, sensibility of time management and deliverable. Recommend him for all the Six Sigma related as a career coach and implementer. He plays with all tools of Six Sigma and i am inspired by his approach.
Linkedin Testimonials- Krishna Kantheti, AM – Global Trade and Compliance
I had the opportunity to interact with Shantanu at length in one of his workshops in mumbai. He has along with a great grasp of the subject, methodological thinking and reasoning abilities. He is able to trivialize the subject complexity for those without an exposure to mathematics, at the same time engage those with good exposure to basic six sigma in complex yet fruitful discussion. I wish him luck in all his endeavours.
Linkedin Testimonials- Amrutesh Iyer, Assistant Manager, Landmark Group
Recently I had an opportunity to attend the Six Sigma Green Belt training with Shantanu. He provided individual assistance as possible to the participants and I am sure all participants feel same about him. His Knowledge and concepts in Lean, Six Sigma, Operations and Project management are amazingly precise and mention-worthy and the best about him is his training delivery. He was highly impressive with the right blend of knowledge, experience and humour to make a heavy subject attractive to participants. I wish him all the best in his future endeavours.
Linkedin Testimonials- Rajeev Joshi, Consultant, Credit Suisse
Mr. Shantanu is very proficient in the art of teaching Lean six sigma. He not only elaborates the philosophy of six sigma in a very simple and understandable language but also helps the participants in exploring the new dimensions of this philosophy. It was a pleasure interacting with him, as his interpersonal skills are excellent.
Linkedin Testimonials- Harpreet Singh, Engineer, Mitsubishi Electric Automotive India
I attended the workshop on lean six sigma and found Shantanu’s way of explaining complex topics in a very simple, innovative and practical manner very useful in the understanding of concepts of six sigma. I strongly recommend his lecture in six sigma workshop.
Linkedin Testimonials-Gowrishankar Raghavan, Entrepreneur, Globus spares private limited
It was an absolute delight to attend Shantanu’s course on Six Sigma Green Belt, with his evident expertise and familiarity with the intricacies of the Six Sigma philosophy and methodologies translating into a highly enjoyable and exciting learning experience.
Linkedin Testimonials- Akshay Khatri, Senior Consultant, EY
Shantanu was my trainer of Lean Six Sigma Green Belt at Bangalore at Nov-2012. His subject matter expertise of Lean and Six Sigma is awesome. By the end of my training, I developed a great respect for his teaching skills on the subject. I could see a highly organized & well-disciplined professional in him. His way of conducting the class and the make class interesting was really good not at a single moment any of the class member felt bored. I am literally looking forward to attend my Black Belt training by him. Thank a ton Shantanu for your tremendous effort to teach us the lean six sigma concept.
Linkedin Testimonials- Neeraj Mishra, IT Professional, Investment Bank
SHANTANU is an excellent trainer. I attended his SSGB training in November’12. He was able to keep the participants engaged for all the 4 days of the workshop and was impeccable throughout. He explained every concept in a very simple way which made it easy to understand. His knowledge about Six Sigma and his ability to answer all the questions was excellent. He was also very approachable, helpful, polite and friendly. Overall i would rate his training delivery 10/10 and hoping to build a long professional relationship with him.
Mr. Shantanu has very good presentation skills and very high mentor abilities. His ability to connect with students (participants) and his talent at teaching simple concepts, as well as more advanced topics, are both truly superior. He has excellent written and verbal communication skills, is extremely organized, reliable and very concise. I recommend Mr. Shantanu as a mentor / trainer to all aspirants without reservation.
Shantanu is one of the best trainers I’ve ever come across with colossal knowledge about Six Sigma and current affairs. I am amazed with his domain insights mapped to Six Sigma lean framework across industry sectors. The way he articulates and his presentation skills make the workshop/training interesting. He is a bundle of energy with great sense of humor which is a key to keep trainees motivated and interested. I also like the fact that he ensures all his trainees are meticulous and disciplined and he leads by example. His ability to connect with anyone and everyone makes him a unique person. I would recommend the workshop, to those who are seeking six sigma training, because they have Shantanu (an asset) as a trainer. Wish him good luck for all his future endeavors. Looking forward to attend his Black Belt Training.
Linkedin Testimonials- Shubha Deb, Sr. Associate Manager, Sutherland Global Services
It was an exciting experience to work with Shantanu on the training course conducted for Six Sigma Green Belt. Absolute clarity on the concepts covered along with real time scenarios and case studies. Wish to attend more courses facilitated by Shantanu.
Linkedin Testimonials- Abarna Priyaa Muralidharan, Senior Product Manager, SCIO Health Analytics
We all have read it so many times “There is no substitute for hard work”. Recently I attended a workshop on Lean Six Sigma Green Belt and got an opportunity to meet Shantanu. After that I would like to say “There is no substitute for knowledge and hard work”. Not only a subject matter expert having in depth knowledge but also an excellent trainer who understands the pulse of class and accordingly modify his method of training. Other than subject able to speak on various different topics shows that he reads a lot and importantly remembers that. He has considerable command on subject and other subject related topics. His workshop not only made easy for me to understand basics of Lean Six Sigma at the end of workshop it created desire now that I look forward for an opportunity to work on Six Sigma. It was a great experience to attend the workshop and I definitely recommend Shantanu to anyone whose planning to attend the Six Sigma workshop. I wish Shantanu all the best for his all future assignments.
A Trainer ‘par excellence’ who can teach the ‘art’. He possesses an uncanny ability to identify the critical aspects of doing something well, can explain how and why those aspects are important to the success of the business at hand and can develop a standard methodology and process for others to implement as best practices. Highly recommended for any Six Sigma interventions for organizations in any business setting.
Linkedin Testimonials- Pradeep Sahay, Strategist, Start-Up Advisory
“Shantanu” – A Highly Focused Professional, An Expert in his domain & An Excellent Facilitator. He is expressive, clear & concise, and has an ability to explain the complex methodologies in a simplest manner; even a layman can understand. He knows how to keep his audience involved during his sessions and knows to develop a sense of urgency, so that every participant is on his/her toes to learn in a short duration. It was a great learning experience ……..
Linkedin Testimonials- Rajneesh Gulati, Sr. Manager, Vertex Customer Solutions India Private Limited
I had attended Shantanu`s SSGB classes in August 2012. The class was well planned and conducted effectively for 4 days. The first impression was his communication skill with a tinge of humor associated with the discussion that keeps you “glued” to the topic. Of course, the use of technology impresses throughout the session. There were interesting conversations in between sprinkled with right examples oriented to the relevant concept. All this with the involvement of participants at all levels. Overall his training was excellent and highly result oriented and I would not miss another opportunity to get trained by him.
Linkedin Testimonials- Kiran Bavimani / Kirana Veerhu, Quality Assurance Manager, Thales
He has a great teaching skills and ability to simplify the complex concepts of Six Sigma. He also has a knack of interacting and communicating with students so that students can enjoy the studying of Six Sigma. Shantanu has a good hold over subject of Six Sigma and always presents the latest data facts, in a detailed and understandable manner. The best part of his teaching is the focus on conceptual clarity rather than just theoretical or exams-oriented approach and he always gives the real-life practical examples to explain his point, which helps the students in quick learning of the difficult subject Six Sigma. I wish him a “Good Luck” for his future assignments.
I had a chance to attend Green Belt workshop conducted by Shantanu in Delhi. Shantanu is an expert in Lean Six Sigma. The way he conducts the workshop says it all. He has a good sense of humor and an easy way of getting difficult things through to people in the workshop which actually helps in developing good understanding on the matter. I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop meanwhile easily understanding the concepts of six sigma.
I had attended Shantanu’s GB Classes in Chennai on Sep 13-16. It was very good and informative. Shantanu was an expertise in the subject and was able to clarify all the queries and doubts. Also he had taken thru the classes such a way that we were able to understand the concepts clearly. He also cited more real time examples and how it was being implemented. Shantanu also takes the credit for conducting the classes in a very organized manner. He had skill to have all the participants listen to him for all the four days of the training. He had created an interest in us to know the subject more detailed. Now I am thinking I should be enrolling for BB at the earliest…
Linkedin Testimonials- Madhuravani Nagaraja, Application Developer, IBM
My acquaintance with Mr. Shantanu Kumar is through a Six Sigma Green Belt training program where he was the trainer and I being one of the trainees. He came across as a very efficient trainer with his thorough knowledge on the subject, the language with which he could captivate his audience who were professionals from different functional areas. I would strongly recommend Mr. Shantanu as a trainer for such programs.
Linkedin Testimonials- Babu Devanathan, Owner, DigiLogix Engineering
Shantanu is an excellent trainer with deep and detailed knowledge about the subject. I enjoyed 4 days of training session. It was very informative. He considered both Service and manufacturing sectors while giving practical examples for all the concepts.
Linkedin Testimonials- Silembarasan Panneerselvam, Project Coordinator, SPi Global
In my career, I’ve come across trainers who go by the presentations or study materials, and trainers who are real experts on their subject area. The later don’t rely on the prep material only. They rather explain the concepts to their students with real life scenarios based on their vast knowledge base and rich experience. While attending the Six Sigma Green Belt course, I found Shantanu as one of those rare trainers that people don’t easily come across. In this short span of 4 day training, I found Shantanu to be a very good trainer, who has [almost] full control on his subject, vast knowledge of many industries, and industries best practices as well. In spite of having such rich traits, I noticed him striking a very good balance with the participants, could it be a senior professional having rich 20+ years of experience, or any student pursuing their PG course. Throughout the course, I noticed him being very helpful, jovial, high spirited, intellectual, and supportive. I wish him all the best for his career, and would certainly like to engage with him if I get a suitable opportunity.
Linkedin Testimonials- Prashant Chauhan, AVP – Product Planning & Implementation, Vakrangee Ltd.
Shantanu is highly focused, dedicated, knowledgeable, punctual lean, six sigma trainer. He makes the concepts appear so simple that everyone can understand and apply it. I am proud to be to be associated with him.
Linkedin Testimonials- Dr. Pankaj Sharma MD MBA CSSGB, Head Quality Control and Biophysics, Dr. Lal PathLabs
Shantanu is an excellent trainer. The Course facilitated by him was enriching, informative and helped in getting a good understanding of the processes and its importance. He knows how to keep people involved especially people coming from diversified backgrounds and different perspectives by his own ways and a unique way of training. It truly is commendable. I remember my books during my school days used to say “A friend, philosopher and a Guide…”. I would like to say the same for him…
Linkedin Testimonials- Niket Kumar Phuria, Senior System Engineer, HERE
Shantanu is an excellent trainer. His course on Green Belt Six Sigma was very informative and helped me get a fresh perspective on analyzing operational risk. Over a period of four days Shantanu explained a lot of new complex ideas in simple terms with relevant real-life examples. Shantanu was able to develop a sense of urgency within the group which helped us push ourselves to learn a lot of new concepts in a short period of time. Shantanu’s ability to keep us involved and engaged through the duration of the course is commendable.
Attending a six sigma training with Shantanu is pure delight. The best thing about him is that he employs lean methodology in his training as well. He believes in cutting down the unnecessary fat by teaching you concepts that are absolutely essential so that it directly hits your brain. I feel confident not only about six sigma concepts but also about taking data-driven decisions by employing statistics and data analysis at my work.
Linkedin Testimonials- Brijesh Bolar, Sr Frontend Developer, Singtel, Singapore
Shantanu’s impeccable knowledge combined with the ease of delivery of the complex Sig Sigma Course is worth a praise. I am looking forward to attend his black belt course and would recommend Shantanu for Six Sigma Course.
Linkedin Testimonials- Rohit Tomar, Sr. Consultant Strategy and Operations, KPMG
The Six Sigma Green Belt Workshop facilitated by Shantanu Kumar was knowledge enriching. His ways of explaining Six Sigma concepts with simplicity made the whole workshop more inspiring, and delightful that intermingled with witty conversations. Involving people in learning from varied backgrounds and setting the tone before teaching every topic was the highlight of the program which was dealt in a very organized and in a systematic fashion. The activities during the workshop catered to comprehend the nuances of Six Sigma methods very well. The most amazing part during the training was our liking towards the movie Avengers wherein Loki says: I have an army! And Tony Stark replies: We have Hulk; and I would like to paraphrase this to, when the World Says: There is Six Sigma! And the participant replies: We have Shantanu!!
Shantanu is an excellent trainer and i was fortunate to be trained by him in the Six Sigma Green Belt training program last year. I found to be extremely well read and sophisticated in his approach. His training had a wonderful mix of theoretical concepts illustrated with practical examples. He explained multiple process case studies spread across industries (be it Pharma, IT, Manufacturing) in a way that all of us could understand. However what amazed me the most was his tremendous quantitative bent that he displayed as he illustrated six sigma concepts. He could efficiently integrate complex concepts, statistical methods and project management in real-world projects. Not only was he an expert at the myriad topics that he trained us but he was very articulate, energetic and fun to be with. His sense of humor and style of delivery made the entire training session a more enjoyable one. It was a wonderful learning curve of my life .I would highly recommend Shantanu to anyone looking for quality training.
Linkedin Testimonials- Napoleon S, Program Manager III, Thermo Fisher Scientific
Shantanu is one who helped me to understand Six Sigma in the most possible easiest way. He was a faculty in Six Sigma program of 4 days. He happens to be always happy, good sense of humor, positive and sensible. I describe him as a genuine intellectual who can explain the rocket science to a lay-man in his language. I always appreciate him for his attitude, knowledge and excellent sense of humor. I wish him all the best for his bright future.
Linkedin Testimonials- Ajay Ghuwalewala, Deputy General Manager, HCL Technologies Ltd
Shantanu was an exceptional tutor to all of us during our GB trainings. It was fun learning the so called complicated six sigma concepts from someone who can relate these concepts with the simplest of day to day activities. Adding to his excellent oratory skills were his excellent witty answers which we thoroughly enjoyed & kept us glued to all the discussions & quizzes. Although Santa Banta ruined our group scores but Shantanu deserves a full score for his understanding on these grueling topics…Cheers to you.!!!
Shantanu is the best trainer that you can get to do your Six Sigma Green Belt/Black Belt, if you are planning to do any Six Sigma certification attend only his session or don’t do the certification.
Linkedin Testimonials- Shueb Maqsood, Senior Analyst, Deutsche Bank Operations International
Six Sigma Workshop was an excellent insight to the world of Sigma Learning and Concepts. The Training was not only well structured in terms of content rather it ensures that all segments and industry types can be at the same platform of learning. Shantanu as the catalyst for knowledge transformation was exuberant with his lucid flow of knowledge and constructive thought process and in-depth Pandora’s Box of Six Sigma Knowledge and learning!!!
Linkedin Testimonials- Sulakshana Singh, Senior Manager, Intelenet Global Services
Excellent knowledge of the Six Sigma tools and techniques he is an instructor who keeps the sessions alive with relevant and enjoyable anecdotes (I keep repeating them to my colleagues). He incorporates examples from various lines of Business to involve everyone in the team. However, the best part about his training is the fact that he makes us aware of the hurdles and challenges we may face in the journey towards process excellence, thereby preparing us for the road ahead. I will recommend his training to anyone who is looking to actually understand an implement these concepts. Thank You & All the best Shantanu!!
Linkedin Testimonials- Neema Paul, Delivery Excellence Group, TATA Consultancy Services
This coach produces high guaranteed output out of his coaching, on Six Sigma certification. Besides imparting coaching, he fly you into world of best application, which making you fall in love with Six Sigma applications, a way of life, and certainly Future. The examination,… ‘The Difficult Bit’…is actually always clicking the right answer, most of the time. Great Shantanu! I can imagine your coaching success rate at Six Sigma level & beyond…aren’t you yet?
Linkedin Testimonials- Avinash Gupta, Head of Operations,
Shantanu is a rare preacher identified in the said LSS teaching world. His impactful teaching skills has entitled us and helped us to grasp the subject in its minuteness. Being a part of the Quality domain, the learning was great experience and that too under “The Knowledge Guru”. His effective approach and undoubtedly excellent communication helped each and every one of us to understand the intricacies of the Subject to the fullest. His expertise in the subject and pure lucid approach of explaining to professionals who are new to the subject was mind blowing. The sea of knowledge he holds on each and every topic of LSS enabled us to grasp the subject effectively. In spite of the diverse group, his command over the topics and immaculate knowledge helped us to understand the subject effectively.
Linkedin Testimonials- Suparna Haldar, T and TQ Manager, Concentrix
Whatever I say about Shantanu will not be enough describe his potential/credits. He is so energetic and strong on the subject that everybody will feel that he/she is listening to a monk within a temple during workshop/classroom training. I’m lucky enough that I got an opportunity to be trained under him on Six Sigma Green Belt methodologies. I would recommend everybody who is interested on Six Sigma Training/Certification to be in touch with him. He/she will automatically feel the real truth. My heartiest thanks to Shantanu for guiding me in the right direction which resulted to become a Six Sigma Certified Professional. All the best.
Linkedin Testimonials-Saikat Sarkar, Customer Project Manager, Ericsson
Shantanu is probably the closest definition of a perfect teacher I have seen yet. His understanding of Six Sigma concepts, his style of teaching and his superb communication skills makes sure that you will be able to grasp each and every concept of what you are studying. And making sure it is the best experience you have ever had. And with his charming personality, he strikes out as a person any organization would be proud to have. A great teacher and a wonderful person to have met with.
Linkedin Testimonials- Ankush Das, Cadet Pilot, IndiGo Cadet Program
Shantanu’s training session on Six Sigma was extremely informative and valuable. He demonstrated a high degree of expertise on the subject. His passion for teaching was obviously visible by the enthusiasm shown in responding to questions during the program. He has a very good style of delivery which kept the participants’ attention focused. I would certainly recommend him for any consulting or training on this subject.
Linkedin Testimonials- SaiJayanthi Namasivayam, Strategic consulting, The Kleides Corporation
Shantanu – An articulate speaker, skilled trainer and above all a fantastic person. Interacting with him during breaks, I found him to be an extremely talented person apart from his Six Sigma related knowledge. He has made workshop so simple that everyone in the team has appreciated his training skill as well as the kind of example he has used to explain / clarify doubts. Best Wishes.
Linkedin Testimonials- Sanjeev Kumar, Hotel QA Assessor & Management Consultant
Shantanu has got amazing in depth knowledge and understanding of Six Sigma. He has excellent training and presentation skills. Anyone would be surprised by his overall skills as trainer. I would say- whenever think about to learn Six Sigma, think about Shantanu.
Linkedin Testimonials- Kailas Patil, Sr. Project Manager, Onward Technologies
When I wanted to join Green Belt I was really scared as I had no experience related to Quality. But I the way Shantanu delivered the training made me feel that “IM SURE AT THE RIGHT PLACE WITH THE RIGHT KNOWLEDGE”. Shantanu has a great communication skill with a perfect way of transferring his thoughts and knowledge to anyone who doesn’t even know the basics of six sigma. He has got an immense knowledge on six sigma and also the in depth knowledge on the concepts. I’m a trainer and I had great experience to learn more in the training methodology. Thank you Shantanu!!!!!!
Linkedin Testimonials- Albert grace kumar, Assistant Manager, Tata Consultancy Services
Shantanu has got an amazing talent. He surprises you with his in depth knowledge and understanding on six sigma. He is very specific and speaks to the point. I was surprised for the way he presented the GB Six Sigma training session that was really awesome. I could clearly differentiate the training methodology he follows and how best it is when compared to others. He is an one stop solution for all your problems at work. I am sure who ever works with/meets Shantanu will be delighted.
Linkedin Testimonials- Raghuram Kandukuri, Assistant Manager, GENPACT
Shantanu is an outstanding Trainer on the Six Sigma Methodology. He has this unique ability to simplify key concepts and make them understandable to his Trainees. His superb communication skills along with practical work examples made the workshop on Six Sigma extremely interesting and effective.
Linkedin Testimonials- ARUN NAIR, Training and Education
I joined Six Sigma green belt just to learn some basics of Six Sigma. But, it is Shantanu’s passion to the subject and the way he creates the interest in the trainees that made me attend the Black Belt training. He is a very talented instructor. I wanted to learn Six Sigma Methodology. Now, I also learned the language in which I should express my ideas to the top management. I recommend him for Six Sigma training because the course is very much streamlined, practical oriented and is internationally valid.
Linkedin Testimonials- Arun Shiva Balasubramanian, General Manager Oncology, Sterling Hospitals
It was a great opportunity to spend six days BB workshop with Shantanu. His outstanding communication skill, in depth subject knowledge, timing & delivery helped a lot to understand BB courses well. His friendly attitude kept us energetic all the time throughout the session. Our major challenges were to recap all the phases before exam but he closed the session such a fascinating way that all of us became ready for the exam. From the beginning of training he identified individual understanding on subjects and treated him accordingly. He appreciates people participation & we feel open to discuss all our doubts and get it clarified from him. Unless & until doubts were cleared to all participants he didn’t switch over to next topics. Over all the session was very interactive and useful. I like to have more training from him in future.
Linkedin Testimonials- CHANDAN KUMAR DEY, Continuous Improvement Manager- EMEA, John Crane
Shantanu is a great tutor and guide with massive knowledge on the six sigma processes. It wasn’t easy though to bear him for 4 days of intensive Green belt training… However, the things that he made us go through was fantastic and fun loving which made me grasp the Lean Six Sigma concept easily….Looking forward to do the Black Belt program in the near future. Lastly, I wish Shantanu All the Best for future endeavours…
Linkedin Testimonials- Vallabh Bhandare, Test Lead, Travelex
Cognitive and compelling. Had a good time at the green belt sessions. A good time away from things that we normally do. For me the exam boiled down to what I had written down from Shantanu’s training. All in all a wonderful experience. Looking forward to BB.
Linkedin Testimonials- Kriparam Mannara, Manager, Cognizant
Excellent, top-notch and a class apart. It was fun learning Six Sigma concepts through Shantanu. After being trained by him for green belt I can’t think of being trained by someone else for Black/Master Black belt. Truly a Subject Matter Expert. Great sense of humour. Not a moment of dullness in his workshops. I am glad I decided to get trained by him and hope to continue this association. Wishing you the best.
Linkedin Testimonials- K AMARENDRA NAIDU, Author, Technical Publications, Capgemini
Shantanu Kumar doesn’t need any recommendation, cuz he is many miles ahead from the possible best of what he does. As a trainer of green belt six sigma certification he trained us with very much ease, so the intricacies of six sigma methodologies got dissolve by 1st hour of beginning of training sessions. Now I’m looking for a live project in my company where i can explore my leanings of the training & knowledge given by Shantanu. One more incident, after ending of our training session, next day i had a Business plan competition. In night I had a word with him n next day I won 1st prize in that Competition. Once again, thank you Shantanu for motivating me that time.
Shantanu thank you for the effort you put in for our training in the areas of six sigma. I would sincerely recommend Shantanu to anyone who needs to learn techniques of implementing ‘lean’ and ‘Six Sigma’ at their work place. Shantanu is an excellent trainer and a great motivator.
Linkedin Testimonials- Anubhav Rakesh, Cluster Manager, VIJAY SALES
I recently attended the Six Sigma Green Belt training where Shantanu was the trainer. This training helped me gain thorough knowledge on DMAIC principles and how to go about using them at my work place to improve the process or the current working practices. Shantanu has got a fantastic knowledge on Process Excellence and the training imparted was great. The presentations and the class room exercises on different scenarios helped a lot and I am definitely going to implement this at my work place. Apart from this he also quoted many examples from different industries and the way they are being used or implemented as six sigma is quite interesting. I highly recommend people to attend this training.
Linkedin Testimonials- Pooja Shivlal, Manager – Voice of Customer- HTS Quality, HSBC
Shantanu has great knowledge on the practical application of six sigma concepts and how to use tools of six sigma/lean in practical business scenarios. His ability to use solutions across industries and urge to think beyond normal boundaries stand out. Also, his technique of keeping it simple makes concepts of complex statistics easy to understand and also use in business scenarios.
Linkedin Testimonials- Nikhil Umarane, Gateway Manager, DHL Express India Pvt Ltd
Mr. Shantanu is a brilliant instructor. He has in-depth knowledge of his subjects and ability to identify the crux of the problem and address effectively. He practices what he teaches, must say, the demonstration was remarkable. He has a very good control over time and knows how to impart massive knowledge, maintaining sequence. Wish for him the best and look forward to receive guidance for achieving breakthroughs in process planning and implementations.
Linkedin Testimonials- Niraj Bhatia, GM Commercial, Luxora Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd.
I recently got good opportunity of attending the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Workshop with Great Trainer Shantanu Kumar. My all basic concepts of Six Sigma were cleared during the training. His teaching method is very interactive and he knows just how to get the concepts across and maintains a fun filled learning atmosphere. He has an excellent command over the subject. He answered all participants’ questions with great examples. I am looking forward to attend Six Sigma Black Belt session conducted by Shantanu. I wish him best luck for all his future assignments.
Linkedin Testimonials- ANURADHA CHOUGULE, Quality Assurance Analyst, Algorithms Software Pvt. Ltd.
Recently attended the Six Sigma Green Belt Workshop facilitated by Shantanu Kumar. Shantanu is a great trainer and an exceptional speaker. His skill to relate and apply six sigma tools to various industries, with ease is indeed appreciable. We enjoyed the healthy discussions we had with Shantanu on six sigma and other topics during breaks and at the end of day. He literally kept us glued to our seats with his examples and great sense of humor. Looking forward to attending Six Sigma Black Belt session conducted by Shantanu.
Shantanu is one of the rare instructor who lights up the environment and provides out of the box ideas in his training. His depth and knowledge on subject coupled with real life example makes learning easy and sticks with you for a long time. I would definitely provide personal recommendation to have Shantanu as a consultant for Corporate Organization development.
Linkedin Testimonials- Ashok Sheguri, Information Technology and Services Professional, NVIDIA


He is the one of the best instructor .he encourages participants to involve actively during sessions. i must say that one has to experience to get to know him better. Such a diversified background person, good in statistics, operations, science and current affairs. He is a best entertainer u won’t feel bored in his sessions. Do attend his sessions to get knowledge as well as entertainment.
Linkedin Testimonials- Rambabu Naik, Product manager, HCL Technologies
I had the pleasure of attending the Six-Sigma Green Belt training in Mumbai, conducted by Shantanu. It was a very well organized training with excellent coverage. He is an expert trainer with in-depth knowledge of the subject .I enjoyed his company and wish to attend other trainings conducted by him.
Linkedin Testimonials- Apurb Sinha, Head – Support (tech) & IT, Seclore
Shantanu is one of the best process consultants I have seen in my life. He is organized, very good in time management. Very good in planning. His knowledge and expertise in the field of process improvement and Lean Six Sigma is simply beyond one’s expectations. He builds up great rapport in his workshop for teaching people the Lean Six Sigma Methodology. I really enjoyed his workshop in the month of April with my other three colleagues from Yahoo! He is an asset. I wish him all the best and success for his future endeavor!
Linkedin Testimonials- Khalil Shaikh, Sr. IT Architect (QA), NVIDIA
Shantanu is very knowledgeable regarding six sigma. He is very passionate about the Six Sigma workshop that he conducts and makes sure he over delivers. He is at ease when answering questions from different industry experts and can relate to any real time scenarios. He is much grounded and I like his down to earth personality despite being highly successful in what he is doing. I would hire him again whenever need arises and recommend him to others.
Linkedin Testimonials- Badrinath A. K, General Manager & Director, Azuga, Inc.
This is to recommend Shantanu for he being Tutor for me in Six Sigma Green Belt Program that I attended in April 2012 and he is punctual, creative(coming up with understandable and fun loving ideas and examples while trying to teach a concept or activity), Consistent in methodology of teaching or making people understand ,Personable and reliable. The workshop is fun, gyan (at times), thought provoking and simple and lucid that makes lay man to learn things at speed.
Linkedin Testimonials- Yamini Sivaram, Business and Technology Consultant, Cognizant
I had the pleasure of attending the Green Belt Six sigma seminar at Bangalore, conducted by Shantanu. The sessions conducted by him were very useful, great learning experience and extremely engaging. He is one of the few Trainer who I felt was completely in control and expert in his subject. The fact that he could manage so many professionals under one roof, speaks volume about his ability. I am looking forward to attend more such sessions with him.
Training on Six Sigma is one of the best and finest experience of my life. Shantanu is a wonderful trainer and he has an excellent command over the subject of Six Sigma. His knowledge and passion about the subject, language, timing, delivery are excellent. Not only he taught in a thorough and intelligent way but also created in fact generated interest about the subject in me which ultimately driven me towards black belt program. His superb statistical and training skills has made him a trainer par excellence. I wish him luck for all his future assignments.
Linkedin Testimonials- Saima Ansari, Manager, ICICI Bank
Shantanu is a great trainer and has exceptional communication skills. His knowledge in varied areas is really appreciable. We thoroughly enjoyed his training sessions, he ensured that we are awake throughout the sessions with his humor and in depth knowledge on the subject. The training sessions were focused more on practical examples than theoretical download. At the end of the sessions, we have precisely achieved our goal. I would definitely recommend Shantanu’s Six Sigma Training Sessions.
Linkedin Testimonials-Haresh Chawla, Sr. Project Manager, L&T Infotech
Shantanu has been a reliable source in enlightening me and has helped me gain valuable insight in the field of quality and six sigma. This has helped me to introduce quality project management in the field of engineering systems in the navy.
Linkedin Testimonials- Lt Commander Harish Shekar, Lead Marine Engineer (FPSO), Indian Navy
Dear Shantanu, Am a kind of individual who cannot do the daily chores of 9-5 for all my life, I need variety and change and so , I have just taken the first step towards entrepreneurship by opening up a small company of my own, along with my job. I planned to take up this crash course on Lean Management, and nothing could be as great a start as the Six Sigma GB training under you, which was an awesome experience. Not only you inspired me with your knowledge of the subject and a passion which only a true professional possesses, your diction and delivery was so fluent and impeccable. I loved the discussions on Six Sigma and the other topics during breaks and at the end of day. It was all like a play school teaching, I never attended a professional training with such ease of understanding. And the way you made the environment so friendly yet professional, just loved it. Thanks a lot, for teaching me, how to solve the ‘difficult bit’ of life.
Linkedin Testimonials-Koel Sinha, Office Administrator, Jiwan Saagaar Realty Pvt. Ltd
Shantanu is one of the best trainers i have ever had a chance to learn from in the Lean Six Sigma world. Given the fact that LSS can be so heavy when training folks, he was able to deliver the conceptual & statistical contents in a very refreshing & practical way to all the trainees. Shantanu is also very strong on LSS concepts and tools and would certainly be a great value add to anyone he works with. I wish him all the very best in all his endeavors.
Mr. Shantanu trained & certified me as a Six Sigma Green Belt. I thoroughly enjoyed the training would be an understatement, in spite of the training being through 2 weekends. Although, my interaction with him was only for 4 days, he has made an impression. Highly personable, knowledgeable and immaculate in nature and can keep the discussion going about any topic under the sun. I would highly recommend him and any company he works for, as a Trainer & as a Consultant.
Linkedin Testimonials- Devicharan M, Manager, Nissan Motor India
I attended Six Sigma Green Belt and Black Belt trainings conducted by Shantanu in New Delhi in 2012. It is not easy to teach complex statistical concepts, on which Six Sigma is based, in a classroom environment. Shantanu brings together a rare blend of subject expertise, rich business experience and excellent communication skills to his sessions. These, combined with a great sense of humor, ensured that there was never a dull moment and the delegates derived full benefit from the trainings. It is due to the knowledge gained in his sessions that I succeeded in achieving certifications in GB and BB with ease. I wish you the very best in all future endeavors and look forward to attending an MBB session conducted by you.
Linkedin Testimonials- Sameer Sharma, SAP Technical Integration Specialist, BHP Billiton
Shantanu Kumar’s Green Belt Six Sigma Program is perhaps the best Professional Program I have ever attended. He in fact makes one believe that Learning is indeed Fun and despite the fact that the group had Professionals from diverse fields, yet he managed each one of us in a fantastic way. Six Sigma Orientations by Shantanu has been indeed very helpful. Although I haven’t started any traditional Six Sigma Project but the basics and strategy Input that the Program has given me is actually helping me a lot. Shantanu as a trainer has the unique skill of touching the latent points in an Individual and helps every participant to move forward. Thanks a ton for converting the ‘difficult bit’ as most interesting and very helpful Program.
Linkedin Testimonials- INDRANATH CHATTERJEE, Regional Program Officer
Shantanu opened a new dimension to the entire thought process of managing business for me. A great speaker with a wonderful cross functional knowledge. Six Sigma for me would never have been same without the help from Shantanu.
Linkedin Testimonials- Nilesh Kr. Mukherjee, Regional Director, Principal Retirement Advisors Pvt. Ltd.
Shantanu helped me through Green belt certification of Six Sigma. He had a very good knowledge about the operational activities in the present organization and he really helped us understand how well the six sigma helps in betterment of an organization. He shared all his views including his relevant experience which helped me get the exact grip of what i was learning. I would definitely work with him when needed.
Linkedin Testimonials- Kiran Kumar Chandrasekeran, Digital Marketing Lead, Position²
Dear Sir, no word for you…thinking what to be written…but one thing i am sure even for me you are a benchmark..:) i am benchmarking you but confused when if at all i will reach at your level…again you will be somewhere else at the top of the six sigma knowledge. But no prob. when i will make my personal scorecard…your name will be there in my long term goal for learning and growth. And it will be a challenging goal….nice learning six sigma from you…want to be in touch with you. Best wishes for your future sir:)
Linkedin Testimonials- Himandu Upadhyay, Manager- Quality Assurance, Bata India
Shantanu does complete justice to his profession my sharing his knowledge and experiences with attendees to make it easy for them to understand. His knowledge in Six Sigma get more skillful with his great communication skill. I am really impressed with this individual. It always pleasure to be connected with such knowledgeable and cheerful people. Great work Thanks for sharing your knowledge.
Great Guy!!!!Someone like him should always be associated with you so that you can improve yourself. Highly knowledgeable in what he does – training, concept clarification, coaching, and solving problems. He can surely guide you to make good process oriented and professional decisions. Shantanu – was wonderful being associated with you and learning and working closely with you for the training session we had.
Linkedin Testimonials- Sandeep Mattathil, AVP – Operations, eUniversity Pte.Ltd
Shantanu is a wonderful trainer and a thorough mathematician. His Statistical skills and his persistent training style make him a trainer par excellence. I wish him all the best for his future endeavors.
Linkedin Testimonials- Harpreet S. Jagdev, Senior Project Manager, SOCAN, Canada
Dear Sir, It was really great, lot of new concepts, examples, tactics in the seminar made every day a new day. Internal projects/examples which were solved during the seminar was linked to its utility aspects i.e covering different industries need. This aspect gives an exposure to tackle critical situation in real time, that too with team spirit at every stage. Your guidance is really helpful. It is like an MS Dhoni’s sixer …..Winning, impressive and big bowling…
Linkedin Testimonials- Neerav Amlani, Coordinator, Nseit
Shantanu is an expert trainer. A great professional when it comes to deliver six sigma training. I had attended his workshop and would say it was one of the best workshop on six sigma. He has got in depth knowledge about the topic, a good communicator. Getting trained under him gives a value addition to the topic delivered. This was one of my best training experience. Thank you Shantanu.
Linkedin Testimonials- Mahesh Bhattacharya, Senior Manager Underwriting Operations, Future Generali
Shantanu Sir conducted Six Sigma training in our B-school(as a part of extra activity) memorable ! Hats off to his expertise! He has a very friendly way to deliver & teach technical subjects I rate him as one of the BEST Trainer with Global Exposure & Knowledge yet he is very much down to earth person! And not last but the least- He is also a Nice & helpful Human!!
Linkedin Testimonials- MANOJ Chandrakant SATHE, Sr.Faculty in Travel/Tourism and Management, IATA
Shantanu is a sharp & a high energy individual. He is a great trainer and my 4 day experience at Six Sigma workshop was one of the finest ones. He possesses in-depth knowledge about the concepts and great presentation skills making it easy to understand the concepts and gives ample examples on how to make practical use of our learning. I wish him all the best and will see him soon at black belt certification workshop.
Linkedin Testimonials- Varun Tando, Associate Consultant, Salto Dee Fe
Being taught by Shantanu sir is one of the best experience I have ever had…he is highly knowledgeable and expert in his domain. He make you think and do that extra bit. It was a great learning experience under Shantanu at the Six Sigma Green Belt training. With his training I was able to score 90+%. I wish him all the best in his endeavors. I look forward to get trained by him in six sigma black belt.
Linkedin Testimonials- Rohinish Chatrath, Senior Business Analyst, InsightBee
Shantanu was my lecturer for lean six sigma green belt six sigma course. He is an excellent tutor capable of simplifying even the most complex concepts pertaining to the curriculum; an ability possible only with in dept. knowledge of the subject. And unlike most of today’s tutors, Shantanu incorporates real life examples into his lectures displaying not just vast theory knowledge but also varied practical experience. One of the best lecturers I’ve had the pleasure to learn from and an even better mentor. I will go as far as to say that my grades are a reflection of his tuition.
Linkedin Testimonials- Kyle D’lyma, Senior Director, Mindshare
Shantanu has inspired me to develop the skills of Six Sigma Methodologies which will benefit me and my company on long term basis. Personally, I had good time in the GB training under Shantanu. He has good command over the subject of Six Sigma and can manage any level of personnel to teach them the methodology of LSS. I have started thinking and analyzing every acts of day to day activity in the lines of 6 Sigma process especially Value Add and Non-Value Add. I wish him great success in his career and would like to see him as one of Best Seller Award Winner for LSS.
Dear Shantanu Kumar, It was one of the best experience of my life, The way you handled classes were exceptionally well, With lot of conceptual knowledge & better interaction with your humors approach has helped me to gain better knowledge in class. Thank You.
Linkedin Testimonials- Phanindra SP, Business Development Manager, Bhash Software Labs
“I had an excellent time getting trained for Six Sigma Green Belt under Shantanu. He is one of the valuable instructor I never forget in my life. I recommend Shantanu, to be the best mentor as his knowledge on subject is immense. The example he provides with humor is very enjoying. The 4 day GB training was very good. I would like to wish Shantanu all the very best for his future. And I wish I could get Shantanu again for my BB and MBB. I also recommend others to choose him for Six Sigma GB, BB and MBB for the best results.”
Linkedin Testimonials- Harsha Subbanna, Technical Lead, CADD Centre Training Services Pvt Ltd.
Six Sigma GB training under Shantanu was an awesome and useful experience. Shantanu is a good instructor and never the less a very skillful presenter, who instigated me to think out-of-the-box. I am now implementing a few of the techniques thought by him in real work environment.
Linkedin Testimonials- Sasidhar Komakula, Engineering Manager, McGrath Industries LTD
Shantanu was my Six Sigma GB trainer, in few words if I have to define Shantanu….., he is an excellent Orator, Witty, Knowledgeable, Great listener, Believes in fun with work, Grounded, Strong grip on the subject, People person… I can go on…. It was wonderful having associated with Shantanu and we as a complete team, who was a part of the GB batch was honored to have a trainer like him.
Shantanu is a tremendous trainer. During the four days of intense Six Sigma green Belt Training, I found him to be very approachable, yet he maintained the decorum in the class with extreme finesse. Not only he inspired us with his knowledge of the subject and a passion which only a true professional possesses, his diction and delivery was fluent and impeccable. He has loads of knowledge cross-industry-wise. I would definitely recommend colleagues and fellow professionals to take up this course and I wish Shantanu all the best in his endeavours. I sincerely hope to see him again in the SSBB course.
Linkedin Testimonials- Debarshi Dutta, Senior Business Analyst, TEOCO Software Pvt. Ltd
I had good time to get trained for Six Sigma Green Belt under Shantanu. What an Excellent mentor he is…I recommend Shantanu, because his knowledge on subject is absolute perfect. I was not confident to score 90+% but it was the kind of training that I got enabled me for the same. I would like to wish Shantanu all the very best for his future and also recommend other to choose him for Six Sigma GB, BB and MBB for the best results.
Linkedin Testimonials- Amit Goswami, Transition & Transformation Manager, Hewlett-Packard
Shantanu’s teaching skills are Superb….if you have love for knowledge and really want to learn something then “Catch him..”..a concept like Six sigma is Brilliantly captured in his Mind …and his training will surely make you re-think about almost every sphere of life. In simple words, one would be able to take error-free decisions. Cheers….!!!!!!!!
Linkedin Testimonials- Gaurav Pandey, Sr. Account Manager, Cushman & Wakefield India Pvt. Ltd

These are real Linkedin curated appreciation comments / posts by VarSigma alumni.

Hogan Rozario

QHSE Engineer (Management Representative) at Tritek Power and Automation

This lockdown was really a door of open opportunities to most people. I was also one of them who got the opportunity to undergo the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt course with “Varsigma”; and I take this moment to thank Dr. Shantanu Kumar for his amazing support, guidance and patience during the entire course. I also thank the entire Varsigma team for their support and cooperation. Keep it up. #Varsigma#Sixsigma#Greenbelt

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Reena Barua

Sr.Manager- Service Quality | Customer Experience; Lean Six Sigma Black Belt| In Sabbatical-Actively looking for job

Finally got my Black Belt certificate. Now I’m certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt. Thank you Dr. Shantanu Kumar for Such a wonderful training sessions. Training was not only limited to classroom session but also conducting thru webinar’s and clearing all our doubts whilst working on projects and assignments.

Thank you for all your guidance!!!

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Sudarshan Pathi PMP® CSCP®

Program Management | Operational Excellence | MBA, IIM B

Thanks to Dr. Shantanu Kumar and VarSigma Consulting, finally I am a certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt professional. More than knowing the concepts, it was the experiential learning provided by Dr. Kumar which has made all the difference.

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George Gummadi

Financial Services | Blockchain | Automation | Six Sigma Application | Offshoring

Proud to be a certified LSSBB, thanks to Dr. Shantanu Kumar‘s excellent teaching. Highly recommend VARSIGMA CONSULTING PRIVATE LIMITED for any business consulting requirements, can vouch for their mastery of the craft.

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Design Engineer at Collins Aerospace

Another Milestone achived…. Lokking forward for many more…!!!
Sincere Thanks to #Dr. Shantanu Kumar & #varsigma for an inspiring session ….

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Aniket Kolambkar

Manager – Investor Audit Management | Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certified l MCom, MMM, BBA

One more to the list. Thank you VarSigma Consulting especially Dr. Shantanu Kumar, this wouldn’t have been possible without your training. Thank you for imparting us with all the knowledge and expertise. Also thank you Aditya Gharat for pushing me to do this.

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Ebrahim Mandviwala

Digital Marketing Professional | Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Professional

Successfully completed Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification verified by Exemplar Global. Thank you, Dr. Shantanu Kumar. It was a great learning, As he makes difficult as easy with Live examples, and individually focused training.

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Sourabh Chatterjee, PMP®

Principal Consultant at SSA Business Solutions (P) Ltd.

Thank you Dr. Shantanu Kumar for all the support and guidance. It was a real honour for me to get trained by you. I have thoroughly enjoyed each and every classroom and webinar sessions.

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Nilufer Patel

Principal Consultant at SSA Business Solutions (P) Ltd.

I am a certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt!!!

Thank you Dr. Shantanu Kumar for all the support and guidance. It was a great honour to be a part of your classroom and webinar sessions.

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Lippika Parwani


Thank you Dr. Shantanu Kumar for Exemplary training session. Every interaction with you is a unique learning experience. Hope to have continued learning journey with you.

Thank you team Anchor Surgeon Captain (Dr) Surya Chaudhri Raghav Shaligram Vijay Tewary Lovepreet S. LSSBB

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Vinod Kumar Mohan

Business Operation Manager; Lean Six Sigma Black Belt; PGPM-Ex: Great Lake Institute of Management; PGPM: IMT Gaziabad

A very knowledgeable session, #leansixsigma interesting assessment & project, happy to share I am Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certified! Thanks to all for kind support. A special mention to Dr. Shantanu Kumar @ # Varsigma for the fantastic session. Inspired and great learning from Dr. Shantanu Kumar.

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Aakarsh M.

Supply Chain @ Citrix | MS Supply Chain Management | CSCMP Future Leader

Ecstatic to commence my Masters in Supply Chain Management from Naveen Jindal School of Management, UT Dallas in Fall 2018. Gearing up for the new journey, one step at a time.

Thank you Exemplar Global, Inc. & VarSigma Consulting for the great learning experience during my Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification.

#supplychainmanagement #leansixsigma

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Deepak Khadanga

LSSBB || QA & Product Development || Process & Operational Excellence || 9 Yr Exp || Looking for New Oppertunities

Became Lean Six Sigma Black belt. Thank you Dr. Shantanu Kumar You are truly an awesome mentor. Thank you!!

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Nidhi Sharma

Sr Clinical Assistant at Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certified. Thank you Dr Shantanu Kumar and VarSigma for the wonderful training sessions..

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U. Chetan Kumar

Ex Vodafone- AP & Telangana, VSNL-Gujarat, MP, Delhi & NCR, Airtel-Chattisgarh.

Another feather in cap. Too many projects, very gud team work and best mentor in industry. 🙏💕Team Varsigma. # Dr Shantanu..

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Abhishek Chavan

Financial Analyst at Northgate Public Services An NEC Company

A small step forward in understanding the challenges , identify root causes & come up with new ideas , resulting in growth of the organisation . Thanks VarSigma Consulting & Dr. Shantanu Kumar for helping us in understanding various methods and detailed process of bringing the changes for good. Green Belt is done , Black belt coming soon

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Technology Transfer at MANKIND PHARMA LTD

I’m delighted to announce that I have been successfully certified as a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt. Thanks to Dr. Shantanu Kumar and Varsigma for the excellent guidance, support and for sharing the best practices and tools to understand and apply Six Sigma tools. Special thanks and congratulation to my team for their support during certification program. #ProcessImprovement #OperationalExcellence #Datadrivendecisionmaking #Innovation #LeanSixSigmaBusinessanalytics

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Pankti Parekh

Looking for full-time job opportunities

Thank you Dr. Shantanu Kumar for your valuable time, efforts and guidance towards earning this credential.
Thank you team VarSigma Support !

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Anannya Banik

Head – Operations | Certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt & Black Belt

I am pleased to share my another milestone; glad to be a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt!

Special thanks to Dr. Shantanu Kumar for the phenomenal training & workshop. I strongly recommend VarSigma Consulting for the quality of service that they have provided; Dr. Shantanu Kumar‘s efforts were completely impeccable.

#Kudos #Aspiringminds #SixSigma #Processexcellence

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sachin jain

Bachelor of Commerce – BCom at S S Jain Subodh Commerce & Arts College, Jaipur || LSSG

This acknowledgement is something that I will cherish throughout my life.
Thank you Dr. Shantanu Kumar for being an amazing tutor.

#varsigma #drshantanukumar #iwill #leansixsigma

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Mehul photographer

Business Consultant/Helping MSME to Develop System and Management / Certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt

It’s privilege, attending the Lean Six Sigma training delivered by Dr. Shantanu Kumar. He is very clear with subject knowledge & makes the subject interesting by giving various examples across industries and linking them to the relevant topics; amazing insights. Dr. Shantanu Kumar thank you very much for being such an inspiring mentor.

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Praveen Gour

Product Manager at Indofil Industries Limited

Thanks Dr. Shantanu, for giving training in a great way which completely change my mindset and helping me to be more systematic and productive.

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Ajit Saruk

Assistant Technical Product Lead at Mukunda Foods Pvt. Ltd.

Completed lean six sigma green belt certification. Got exposure to how to solve and analyse business problems, Quality improvement of projects, Process Improvement and much more…..

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Naveen Kulkarni

Senior Engineer at JSW Steel Ltd

Super happy to announce that I am now a certified Six Sigma green belt .
A big thank you to Dr. Shantanu Kumar for all his efforts and sharing his insights in the field of Six Sigma with innumerable examples.
#sixsigma #greenbelt #leanmanufacturing #shares

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Prisilla J.

College of Engineering and Technology

Thanks Dr. Shantanu Kumar for your excellent and humourous teaching of real time examples, enjoyed your class …

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Mayur Gosai

Territory Production Lead at Corteva Agriscience

Small step towards goal !
#LeanSixSigma #greenbelt #Certified
Thanks to Dr. Shantanu Kumar for your guidance. One of the best trainer for Lean Six Sigma Greenbelt workshop.

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Neil Leander D’souza

Quality Assurance Associate at CEAT Ltd ,Mechanical Engineer and Certified LSSGB

Super happy to announce that I am now a certified Six Sigma green belt .
A big thank you to Dr. Shantanu Kumar for all his efforts and sharing his insights in the field of Six Sigma with innumerable examples.

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Ronak Oza

Head Of Service Operations at Transformers & Rectifiers (India) Ltd

After all Got the Certification of Six Sigma green belt# thanks to
Dr. Shantanu Kumar-Great teacher#Mentor
1 Milestone Crossed & small step towards my Goal. #greenbelt #step #milestones
Next target ——Black belt…….

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Mrunali Kadam

Human Resources || Lean Six Sigma Green Belt

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt – Workshop and Certification
VarSigma Consulting
Exemplar Global, Inc.
The best trainer ever! Dr. Shantanu Kumar

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Mohit Gupta

EY Business Advisory |Business Process Re-Engg |Transformation Mgmt|Agile & Scrum Master|Lean Six Sigma GB|PRINCE2®

Now a certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Professional.
Thank you Dr. Shantanu Kumar , You have and will continue to be a great influence on me.

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Navin Venkat

Information Technology Operations Manager at DXC Technology

I am Happy to Inform, I have Successfully completed “Lean Six Sigma Green Belt”, I Thank Dr. Shantanu Kumar for the most interesting and inspiring workshop, I have started sharing my leanings & put the leanings in practice. Now I feel more confident to do something. It’s such a great feeling :)

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Pravalika Kuchipudi

Customer Service Expert |Operations Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Holder | Working at Spacestem Pvt Ltd, Ex Tech Mahindran

I can pen down that today is one of the best days of my life. I have finally cleared Six Sigma Green Belt certification from VarSigma Consulting .

When I first heard about Six Sigma, I didn’t understand anything, that’s when I irritated Google so much to know more about it and came across Dr. Shantanu Kumar and being mentored by him was the best part and an easy factor which made the journey smooth and successful. He is one of the finest trainer’s I have ever met, he made the process very easy to with everyday examples.

The hospitality and quality of them was very amazing and that’s what I call professionals.

I’m so grateful that I have associated with VarSigma Consulting for my success and I would definitely recommend anyone who is looking for a good brand for Six Sigma it should be VARSIGMA.

Thank you once again Dr. Shantanu Kumar and VarSigma Consulting .

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