An organization’s strategy describes how it intends to create value for its shareholders, customers, and employees.

Strategic Thinking

Strategic Thinking is to develop deep insights into every aspect of your business. It demands the allocation of time and resources, but measuring the return on that investment is a challenge.

Change Management

Change management is a solution to help you deliver on the results and outcomes you need from your project because of how changes really happen – one individual at a time. Organizations are on the move. Whether it’s adopting a new technology, reaching a new market, or implementing a revised process.

  • Preparing for Change
  • Managing Change
  • Reinforcing Change

Varsigma Involvement Process

Translate: Clear articulation of the corporate strategy and change management

Initiatives: Initiate assessment of key strategies

Align: Alignment of business units/ support units to strategy

Communicate: Communications about the strategy to different Business Units involved

Reviews: Regular meetings to report on and to manage the strategy and change management

Update: Regular update of strategy to account for changing conditions

Varsigma’s Focus

How to build and strengthen the company’s long-term competitive position

  • Focusing on the important rather than the urgent
  • The longer term rather than the short term
  • All relevant elements or factors in the equation rather than just one
  • Forming responses to changes under way in the industry, the economy at large
  • Crafting competitive moves and market approaches that can contribute to sustainable competitive advantage
  • Building competitively valuable competencies and capacities
  • Uniting the strategic initiatives of functional departments
  • Addressing specific strategic issues facing the company’s business



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