Linkedin Verified Testimonials of Dr. Shantanu Kumar

I had the privilege of attending the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training delivered by Dr. Shantanu Kumar. He is one of the best classroom trainers that I have come across in my professional career. A very clear and a level headed personality with subject knowledge hard to match. He makes the subject interesting by giving various examples across industries and linking them to the relevant topics. Throughout the course he was extremely patient and used to go the extra mile to make sure that the trainees fully comprehend the principles behind his trainings.

All in all, I would highly recommend the trainings hosted by Dr Shantanu for his sheer interest in the subject, highly approachable nature and hard to match delivery skills

Dr Shantanu is as thorough with the subject as any high end consultant should be but what surprised me the most were his personal soft skills. He knew about every participant in detail way ahead of his first interaction with them. He connects instantaneously, and keeps the whole crowd hooked on alertly throughout the course. He stays in full control and delivers precisely. Everything that organises is micro managed to the core and perfected to a blade finish. Keep up the good work doc!

What an great experience having trained on Lean Six Sigma Green belt from Dr. Shantanu Kumar ( Sir).

I have learned more about statistics, and the strategic thought process that goes into executing a Six Sigma project. He came across a an exceptional teacher & mentor with excellent working knowledge of Six Sigma as a management tool and used to go beyond the topics slated to be covered during training to ensure that the audience are able to completely understand the topic.
An excellent teacher, very articulate and has this unique ability to simplify the subject by giving very real and practical examples. It was a pleasure attending Green Belt classes , would recommend everyone to attend his training sessions & would like to get into a Lean Management and Black Belt training.

Dr. Shantanu is an excellent trainer. His approach towards imparting conceptual clarity on Lean Six Sigma has been a combination theory, practical examples and just the right amount of light hearted anecdotes. Highly recommended.

Dr.Shantanu is the only person whom I have met in my entire professional life who can make a training as enjoyable and insightful as it could be. I attended his Green Belt workshop in Kolkata and in no time I was completely mesmerized with his depth of knowledge,excellent presentation and inter personal skill. I would love to attend all the workshops that is being conducted by Shantanu as I think that Six Sigma and Lean training cannot get any better than this.